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[McIDAS #CJO-774097]: Mcidas 2007 build

Hi Bill,

> We now are running Fedora core 8 on a Pentium 4 machine.  It has been ugly,
> real ugly, like ultimate ugly with no viable backups.  I wish we were still at
> core 4.

I think your opinion will change especially since there are no security updates
being made for Fedora versions previous to 7.  All of the FC 5/6 upgrades to 8 
office machines went very smoothly.  The upgrade of my FC 6 machine to 8 was 
but that was because we were doing more than just upgrading; we were changing 
from the use of a /boot partition to the more modern way where that partition 
is not

> From my point of view, the core 8 is not ready for prime time, at least as
> distributed at the mirrors.  But that's over and done.

Interesting.  After we do an upgrade and setting up the firewall (iptables), we
immediately run 'yum -y update' to make sure that all of the packages are up to 
So far, I have been very happy with Fedora 8 on my home machine.  Everything is 
well, and several things run faster.

> Anyway, I have unpacked and tried to compile mcidas.  I believe I have the 
> basic
> groundwork as to environmental variables correct. Of course, that's been an 
> error-laden
> belief system this week.

In looking at the log output you include below, I believe that all of the 
variables that are needed are not defined.  The error:

  make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib'
  O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/../jasper/src/libjasper/include 
-DUSE_JPEG2000 -DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran -c   -o gridtemplates.o gridtemplates.c
  make[1]: O3: Command not found

seems indicate that the environment variable CC is not defined (O3 is the 
optimization flag
for the C compiler which should be 'gcc').

I tried to make the setting of needed environment variables much easier in 
v2006.  The changes
I made to the procedure, however, require one to remove all of the defines in 
shell-definition file (e.g., .cshrc for Csh and Tcsh users; .bash_profile for 
Bash, Sh, and
Ksh users).  Those defines need to be replaced with those listed in:


The ABCD of what to do is:

A) remove any/all environment variable defines you were using from a previous 
   from your shell definition file

B) add the shell-specific defines listed in the web page above to your shell 
   file; make any changes needed (e.g., change the VENDOR setting from '-g77' 
to '-gfortran')
   and make them active in your login (e.g., 'source .cshrc' or '. 
.bash_profile').  This
   step is needed at this point to define the environment variable McINST_ROOT.
C) unpack the McIDAS-X distribution using the 'mcunpack' script included in the 
   'mcunpack' relies on McINST_ROOT being defined.  If it is not, it will 
complain and

D) logoff and then log back in (to force the newly added code in the shell 
definition file
   to read the environment variable definition file included in the 

At this point all needed environment variables will be defined, and you should 
be able
to CD to the source directory and perform a successful build.

> The first try left the make nattering about not finding g77.  I found the 
> VENDOR flag
> in .bash_profile and modified VENDOR to gfortran, since that's what's here.


> The second try compiled for a long time, and then died with the messages 
> below--something
> bizarre in symbol passing?

The output looks like the environment variable CC is not defined/not defined 
Following the ABCDs above should get you past this.

Note: at this point you have a partial build in ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src.  After 
the ABCD steps above, you will need to 'clobber' the current, partial build and 
again from scratch:

<still as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
make clobber
make mcx

> Perhaps I needed to install additional packages from the OS distribution?

I don't think so...

> I dunno.  Quitting for the day:

If I had login (SSH) access to your machine, I could do a quick check to make
sure that things were setup as per our webpages.  If you would also like me to
do any system stuff (e.g., 'yum -y update', etc.) I would also need 'root' login
privilege.  In either case, if you want me to look around, please send the 
password(s) to my private email account (address@hidden) _without_ reference
to the account names or machine on which they are valid.  I will, of course, 
your machine name to be able to logon, but that information should not be 
in any email with passwords (security).

> Thanks

Sorry for your hassles!  The good news is that you are very close to being done 
you will have a more secure machine going into the future.

> -------begin cut from the makelog---------------
> ar r libgeotiff.a xtiff.o geo_free.o geo_get.o geo_names.o geo_new.o 
> geo_print.o geo_set.o geo_tiffp.o geo_write.o geo_trans.o geo_normalize.o 
> geotiff_proj4.o geo_extra.o cpl_serv.o cpl_csv.o
> ar: creating libgeotiff.a
> ranlib libgeotiff.a
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/libgeotiff'
> make  /home/mcidas/mcidas2007/libgeotiff:     done
> make
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib'
> O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/../jasper/src/libjasper/include 
> -DUSE_JPEG2000 -DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran  -c -o gridtemplates.o gridtemplates.c
> make[1]: O3: Command not found
> make[1]: [gridtemplates.o] Error 127 (ignored)
> O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/../jasper/src/libjasper/include 
> -DUSE_JPEG2000 -DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran  -c -o drstemplates.o drstemplates.c
> make[1]: O3: Command not found
> make[1]: [drstemplates.o] Error 127 (ignored)

This is saying that CC is not defined (meaning that $CC expands to " ") or is 
defined incorrectly
(??).  make is trying to execute the line 'O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/ 
...' when it
should be trying to execute 'gcc O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/ ...'.


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