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[McIDAS #SXY-331778]: Unable to add historical wind profiler case study to ADDE server.

Hi Samuel,

re: access to "historical" (non-realtime) profiler data

> Hey, this works great!  Thanks a bunch!  Now we have a way to display Profiler
> wind data for a student project.

Very good.

> I was able to display this data using our mcidas account and the standard GUI,
> but not with my personal account using MCGUI.  I'm not sure why.  MCGUI shows
> the US state boundaries, but no wind barbs.

Unless I missed something when reviewing code in the MCGUI... the MCGUI is 
much hardwired for the standard set of RTPTSRC datasets; I don't see right off
how it can/will be useful with a new, user-added dataset.  I will look again and
revise the code if needed.  The code modification would be a longer term effort,
so please don't look for anything too soon.

> I cut down the volume of our CONDUIT product to only request data for even
> numbered grid levels for the products we're interested (GFS pressure, GENS, 
> RUC2
> pressure & surface, and NAM AWIP3d & AWIP12).  This seems to have cut down our
> ingest to where we can handle our data better.

Very good.

> There seems to be no gaps in our GOES-EAST 1km VIS data since yesterday, when 
> I
> changed our feed request(yay!).


> P.S. Did you ever find out what was up with DSSERVE not using the \CURDAY 
> construct
> on AREA format images?

Yes.  I found that serving of imagery in AREA format is not using the 
subroutine I
developed for servers of imagery in GINI and NEXR formats.  The code review 
me to revisit the code I originally developed for the Nexrad Level III images 
the first time in several years.  I have been reworking that code to make it 
efficient and to support new constructs that will allow the serving of large 
more efficiently.  I have made good progress over the past three days, but I am 
finished yet.

> It's no big deal for us.  I shut down the ingest of ANTARCTIC data last week, 
> and
> CUP doesn't seem to plan on using it soon.  If you wish, I can turn ANTARCTIC 
> back
> on (temporarily).


As a heads-up for things that will occur in the not too distant future (later 

- the Antarctic IR image size will be increased
- an Antarctic WV image composite will be added to the datastream
- an Arctic IR composite will be added to the datastream
- an Arctic WV composite will be added to the datastream
- 15-minute South America image sectors from GOES-10 will be added to the

Again, these changes will not occur until sometime in the spring.  There will
be an announcement to the members of the mcidas-x, gembud, idvusers, and
ldm-users email lists about the additions well in advance of their being
added to the IDD UNIWISC datastream.


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