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[McIDAS #YSZ-272620]: need help to setup a McIDAS ADDE server

Hi Hsie,

re: did you make any changes on squall after approx. 12:45 AM Friday

> NO. I did not make any changes in the past few days for ldm and
> McIDAS. I do upgrade GEMPAK from 5.10.4 to 5.11.1.


I have no good explanation for why McIDAS commands were hanging when
run as the user 'hsie' on squall before 12:45 AM.  My only guess, given that 
showed the commands to be waiting on a system resource, is that there was
not enough shared memory to create the second of two shared memory segments
that are supposed to be created when a McIDAS "session" (full or transient)
is started.  My observation was that the first shared memory segment would
get created, but the second would not, but the hanging I observed seemed
to be more associated with commands run at session startup waiting for
something (the commands EG, EU, and GU are run sequentially at each
McIDAS "session" startup).

If a shortage of shared memory was, in fact, the cause of the hanging processes
then the remedial action would be to increase the amount of shared memory 
This process is described for various operating systems in the Unidata McIDAS-X
User's Guide:


Chapter 1 - Installing and Configuring McIDAS-X
  Preparing the Workstation
    Shared Memory Configuration 

For Linux, the process is one of adding a line like the following to 

echo 536870912 > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

and then rebooting.

Please let me know if/when you again run into problems running McIDAS commands 
on squall.


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