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[McIDAS #OXG-395498]: conversion of lac level1b to area format

Hi Marc,

re: ability to convert your images in Level 1B "format" to McIDAS AREA
> He was able to convert the level 1b into area format in Mcidas X.

OK.  I assume that he verified that he can use the converted image in
AREA format in his McIDAS-X session (list with IMGLIST; display with IMGDISP;

re: McIDAS-V should be able to read the files directly if they are in
AREA format.

> I tried to read in the level 1b into Mcidas V but it didn't recognize it
> even when I specified the type of file.

The Level 1B "formatted" image or the image in AREA format produced by
the conversion in McIDAS-X.  McIDAS-V should be able to read the image if
it is in AREA format.

re: McIDAS Lite can not read Level 1B "formatted" files directly

> Ok, and I don't think it can read those leve 1b either.

Hmm... this suggests (but does not prove) that the AREA formatted copies
of the Level 1B images are not valid.  Can you make one, two, or three
available to me so I can take a look?  Putting them on a publically
accessible FTP server might be the best option... please do _not_ send them
in an email.

> I now have some
> images, but also I thought in Mcidas one could also retrieve, for example,
> cloud information from the images.

What do you mean by "cloud information"?

> My friend said that Mcidas cannot do this type of analysis. I would need an
> algorithm to do this. Is this true?

It depends on what you mean by "cloud information".  If the images are in the 
bands, then McIDAS can certainly list back data values, and the McIDAS utility 
should be able to create new images using existing images as input.  Now I just 
to know what you are trying to do.

> Thanks again.

No worries.


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