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[McIDAS #XMD-387321]: SAODEC and RABDEC Seg Faulting

Hi Martha,

> We have updated LDM to 6.6.5 and MCIDAS/MCIDAS-XCD to UNIDATA 2007h on
> our NOAAPORT XCD system, and now everything seems okay.

Very good.

> The problem
> appears to have occurred when on the XCD system, a  mcscour.sh command
> had the wrong number (i.e., 10) as a parameter and the XCD system got
> Confused;

I would say that it is more likely that upgrading to the current version
of XCD resulted in elimination of the segmentation violations for the
decoders.  In a separate email on which you are CCed I noted that specifying
something like:

DOQTL 1 9 10

should result in 10 days of data being kept online.

I guess that it is possible that the decoders that were experiencing 
violations when trying to write to the end of existing MD files when the files
filled up, but since I have never experienced this, I would tend to doubt the

> it had nothing to do with the LDM and DVB update on
> the NOAAPORT Receiver system.

It shouldn't have since the reception activities from the NOAAPORT ingesters
and relay by the LDM are independent of the running of XCD with the only
exception that there could be new data being sent to the decoder that
was not previously being ingested.

> Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you also!


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