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[McIDAS #FKB-492129]: noaapxcd point data

Hi Randy,

Sorry for the late reply.  I just returned from Brazil where my
access to the Internet was a bit sporadic...

> on our noaapxcd machine we are currently only keeping
> the last 5 days of MD data. For example,
> address@hidden ~]$ ptlist.k RTPTSRC/SFCHOURLY.ALL
> Pos      Description                        Schema NRows NCols Proj# Created 
> DataDate
> ------   --------------------------------   ------ ----- ----- ----- ------- 
> --------
> 4   SAO/METAR data for   10 DEC 2007   ISFC 72  7000     0 2007343 2007344
> 5   SAO/METAR data for   11 DEC 2007   ISFC 72  7000     0 2007344 2007345
> 6   SAO/METAR data for   12 DEC 2007   ISFC 72  7000     0 2007345 2007346
> 7   SAO/METAR data for   13 DEC 2007   ISFC 72  7000     0 2007346 2007347
> 8   SAO/METAR data for   14 DEC 2007   ISFC 72  7000     0 2007347 2007348
> ptlist.k: Done

This is the typical setup for McIDAS sites due to the circular naming convention
for McIDAS MD files.

> These data are being stored in MDXX0104 - MDXX0108
> I would like to keep the last 30 days. Is this possible?

It is not possible to increase the name space being used
by the McIDAS-XCD decoders beyond 10 because of the circular naming convention
for MD files (e.g., MDXX0001...MDXX0010), but it is possible to keep
more data online by renaming your files.

I think that it would be a good idea to create a second surface dataset that
has everything except the current output file and contains as many days as you
want.  This can be accomplished by renaming the files using the standard 
convention except with a different range of MD file numbers (the 'nnnn' of 
or by renaming them to something more descriptive.  The McIDAS ADDE server
mapping table utility DSSERVE can use the DIRFILE= keyword construct for MD 
(and GRID files, I might add) in the same way that folks are used to using it 
imagery.  So, I suggest you investigate creating a new POINT dataset (e.g.,
PTSRC/SFCHOURLY instead of RTPTSRC/SFCHOURLY) whose elements are the renamed
MDXX0104 - MDXX0108 files.  You could even include the realtime file (the one
currently being written to by the XCD data monitor DMSFC) by creating a link 
if on different file systems; hard if on the same file system) to it using the
same naming convention that you decide on for the other files.

> thanks,

No worries.  Again, sorry for the late reply.


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