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[McIDAS #YAF-607526]: Schema format

Hi Kwan,

> Your assessment of the problem was right on.  I tried substituting -
> 9999 for -9999.00 in the data, and TXT2MD could finally assign it as
> missing.

Very good.  I'm glad happy to learn that I have not totally lost my
mind yet :-)

> One last question I have is: Can McIDAS plot weather characters such
> as SW-, RA as  weather symbols given the WX1 column of the data I sent
> to you?

For the key WXS McIDAS typically expects two parameters, WX1 and WX2.
This is defined in the configuration file SFCPLOT.CORE and can be
overwritten/redefined in a SFCPLOT.USER file in the same way that
I talked about for SFCCON.USER previously.

Two items that will likely prevent you from plotting weather symbols
from the data you are including in your MD file:

- your schema, KSFC, defined a scaling factor for the WX1 parameter:

  WX1  0     CHAR        "WEATHER CODE

  A parameter represented as CHAR should have no scaling factor

- the values you are storing are not what McIDAS is expecting.  The
  McIDAS decoder converts the numeric indicator for weather into
  textual representation.  To get an idea of what should be there,
  take a look at the real time data being decoded by McIDAS-XCD
  and available via ADDE:

dataloc.k ADD RTPTSRC idd.unl.edu

  If need be, use PTCOPY to copy over data from a dataset served
  remotely via ADDE so you can take a hard look at the data that
  is actually in the file using both PTLIST and the low level
  utility LWU (LWU LIST; check the online help for LWU).

I am heading for Boulder in about a half hour to catch a bus for the
airport and then I am on my way to Brazil.  I will be out of touch
for about two days once the trip begins...


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