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[McIDAS #HCS-801574]: McIDAS on Keable's Cyclone machine...

Hi Jim,

I apologize for not being able to get back to you before now.  My day was 
by some things that I thought would only take a couple of hours... live and 

> I am making progress...  found what appears to be a syntax error.

Hmm... The syntax error you report:

         cc -O -O3 
-DUSE_JPEG2000 -c gridtemplates.c
"gridtemplates.h", line 5.1: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
make: The error code from the last command is 1.

is encountered when the C compiler does not understand the C++ syntax for 
lines.  Here is line 5 of /home/mcidas/mcidas2007/g2clib/gridtemplates.h:

//   PRGMMR: Gilbert         ORG: W/NP11    DATE: 2001-10-26

The solution I found on IRIX, the only platform I had previously encountered 
this on,
was to redefine CC as 'cc -c99'.  I did not, however, have to do this on our 
AIX 5.1
system, so I am quite surprised that you have run into the problem on AIX 5.3.

I will need to take a look at this in more detail when I get a chance to login 
your system (I got your email about me being able to login).  This may not 
for a few days (sorry) as I am leaving for Washington, DC tomorrow morning for
an AGU planning meeting.

> This is interesting.  The "mcenv -f" changes the canvas size of the image 
> (i.e., it
> crops the image) as opposed to scaling the entire image.  Am I correct in how 
> this works?

Yes, you are correct.  Image displays in McIDAS involve no scaling of the 
image.  Each
pixel is displayed in the output screen.  In practice this will mean that the 
extent displayed by IMGDISP will be a function of the size of your image frame.
If you want to display a greater areal extent, then you must specify the MAG= 
on the IMGDISP command line.  A negative magnification (known in McIDAS as a 
results in a sampling of the image pixels displayed:

MAG=-2 ->   every other pixel in the line dimension; every other pixel in the 

MAG=-2 1 -> every other pixel in the line dimension; every pixel in the element

This approach was adopted because satellite meteorologists wanted the displayed
pixels to be exact values from the original image.

Try playing around with the MAG= keyword on IMGDISP invocation.  When doing so
please remember that only integral values may be specified in the MAG= keyword.

More information can be found in the online help for IMGDISP:

HELP IMGDISP          <- from a McIDAS session's text and command window

help.k IMGDISP        <- from the Unix command line while logged in as 'mcidas'

Also, please take a look at the IMGDISP section of the Unidata McIDAS-X Users

Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide
  Commands by Alphabetical Order


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