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[McIDAS #EHH-480032]: LDM filtering

Hi Paul,

> First of all I did find out what I was doing wrong with regard to not
> getting the grib2 data available on NOAAPort.

I think I did as well.  The version of the NOAAPort software that SSEC is
using/distributing is 2 years old, so it does not contain the modifications
that are needed to process the data coming in the NWSTG2 datastream.  I
talked to Jerry and DaveS about this on Friday before heading back to Boulder.
I will be sending the SSEC Data Center folks a HOWTO for upgrading (the
upgrade must be done in lock step with an LDM upgrade).  Please let me
know if you are interested in more information.

> I'm now finding there are
> a lot of grids I don't need to store and there is a bug with XCD in that
> NOGRIB.CFG does not work with grib2 files.

Also, the processing of GRIB2 files needs a lot of work.  I talked with Kevin
B. about this during one of the breaks at the meeting.

> Until SSEC decides what to do
> with this bug the next logical step for me is to filter these grib2
> files with LDM.

If there is more to the bug than not using NOGRIB.CGF for GRIB2 messages,
please let me know.  Also, if you have an idea of how to fix the bug,
please pass that along so I can implement a fix in the Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD

> Can you advise me on how to do this? To start with I'm wanting to filter
> out all Alaska projection grib2 files.

So, you want everything _except_ the Alaska projection GRIB2 products?
Have you tried creating a regular expression that identifies just those
GRIB2 messages?  If not, I will need to do some playing around before
sending you an approach.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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