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[McIDAS #ICA-762524]: mcidas-V

Hi Randy and Martha,

Randy noted: my version of mcidas-x (unidata version) does not have the
  MCLISTEN command. Do i need to be running SSEC mcidas-x to run Mc-V

A new addendum for Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD, v2007g, is now available for
download.  This addendum incorporates the SSEC v2007a addendum for McIDAS-X,
which included the MCLISTEN command, and numerous fixes for problems
uncovered when performing 64-bit builds.

The procedure for updating Unidata McIDAS to v2007g is as follows:

<login as 'mcidas' on the target system>

0) since Martha discovered that ~mcidas/bin/agetserv had some
   problems, make a backup of the working copy before proceeding:

   <as 'mcidas'>
   cd ~mcidas/bin
   cp agetserv agetserv.v2006

1) download the Unidata McIDAS update files mcupdate.tar.gz and
   mcupdate.list.2007g to the ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update directory

2) change the mode on ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update/mcupdate.tar.gz
   so that 'mcidas' has read/write permissions

3) unpack the addendum

   cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update

4) (re)build McIDAS

   cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src

   make clobber     <optional, but not a bad idea>
   make all

5) stop the LDM

   <as 'ldm'>
   ldmadmin stop

6) install the newly rebuild McIDAS distribution

   <as 'mcidas'>
   cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
   make install.all

7) restart the LDM

   <as 'ldm'>
   ldmadmin start

8) verify that the newly installed binaries work.  In particular, make
   sure that the newly built agetserv server works.  If it does NOT,
   restore the v2006 version:

   <as 'mcidas'>
   cd ~mcidas/bin
   cp agetserv.v2006 agetserv

Please let me know if you have questions, or if you run into anything


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