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[ldmMcidas #WTM-677712]: McIDAS-XCD data doesn't seem to be filing

Hi Samuel,

> O.K. I believe I have done everything you requested, however I am still not 
> getting
> anything when I run "gribadmin latest"

I suggest doing the following just to make sure that everything is configured 

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop

<as 'mcidas'>
gribadmin removedb

gribadmin makedb

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin start


- do you get an error when either removing or making the MySQL database?

  If yes, then you still have a problem...

> Also, in the /usr/local/ldm/logs/XCD_START.LOG file, I see I'm getting the 
> following errors:
> DMBIN        Starting: GRIB/BUFR filer
> DMMISC: MDRDEC       is labeled inactive:  MDR Grid Decoder
> DMBIN: Invalid Processed pointer.
> DMBIN: first POINTER= argument is too small --> -2139062144
> DMBIN: Must be valid integer value within range 4096 thru 16781312.
> DMBIN: GRBFILER.PRO not found. Processed pointer set to last byte written.
> m0grabyt returning  -2
> Read error: exiting!
> DMBIN: done
> startxcd.k: m0monexe - restart of :DMBIN                                    
> 19926
> startxcd.k: m0monexe - :DMBIN                                    new PID= 
> 20042
> processing from spool file  HRS.SPL      RTMODELS.CFG
> DMBIN        Starting: GRIB/BUFR filer
> DMBIN: Invalid Processed pointer.
> DMBIN: first POINTER= argument is too small --> -2139062144

All sites will see this message the first time that the GRIB filer (DMBIN) 
starts up
and tries to process data.  This is normal.

The reason for the message is that the pointer file used by DMBIN, GRBFILER.PRO,
has not yet been created.  After the first failure, the file will exist and
be used from then on.  By the way, GRBFILER.PRO should now exist in your
$MCDATA directory; does it?



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