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[McIDAS #OOQ-958289]: McIDAS 2007 on OS X install

Hi Tom,

I'm sorry that I couldn't respond to you yesterday, but it was the
second day of the Users Committee meeting for the first half of the
day, and then I was consumed with configuring VMware Player (v2.0.1)
to run openSUSE 10.2 Linux on my IBM T30 laptop.  Aside: VMware Player
is great!

> I know you're going to get sick of hearing from me, but here it
> goes anyway!

No worries.

> I decided I should try building the new 2007 version on the Mac
> Intel system that you had set up with a custom build 2006. (Before
> we adopt this as a platform, I want to make sure I can build the
> software.)

Good move.

> I followed the install directions and got to test of the
> install. In the mcidas account, I did the following:
> [buran:~] mcidas% setenv MCDATA /Users/mcidas/mcidas2007/data
> [buran:~] mcidas% setenv MCPATH /Users/mcidas/mcidas2007/data:/Users/
> mcidas/mcidas2007/src
> [buran:~] mcidas% setenv MCGUI /Users/mcidas/mcidas2007/src
> [buran:~] mcidas% unsetenv MCTABLE_READ
> [buran:~] mcidas% unsetenv MCTABLE_WRITE
> [buran:~] mcidas% setenv PATH /Users/mcidas/mcidas2007/src:$PATH
> [buran:~] mcidas% setenv DISPLAY buran.ggy.uga.edu:0
> [buran:~] mcidas% mcidasx

This looks good to me.

> WARNING: only run as the user 'mcidas' for supervisory tasks

This warning is to be expected.

> Running McIDAS configuration GUI...
> [buran:~] mcidas% Error in startup script: invalid command name "fileToList"
> while executing
> "fileToList $mcrcfile"
> (procedure "readMcidasrc" line 139)
> invoked from within
> "readMcidasrc "$home/.mcidasrc""
> (file "/Users/mcidas/mcidas2007/src/mcidas" line 667)

Hmm... this is likely something to do with the Tcl/Tk installation
or configuration.

> Note that after I typed "mcidasx" I got the configuration dialog,
> under which I pressed the button to "Start McIdas". That's when the
> remainder of the errors occurred.

OK.  The tricky part (for me) is supporting both the SSEC and Unidata
approaches to starting McIDAS.  I believe that you have run into a
"crack" in my procedure.  I do not think that it is a reflection of
the software (other than my startup stuff) having bugs.

> No windows opened. I went
> ahead and did the make install.mcx to see if it would work anyway.
> Of course, it didn't.

Now, this _is_ surprising...


- after you went ahead and finished the installation, did you undo
  the environment variable settings you listed above?

I would have expected that after you finished the installation of
v2007x AND resetting the environment variables to their standard
definitions (most easily done by logging off and then logging
back on), the build would work especially if you tried starting
McIDAS using 'mcidas' instead of 'mcidasx'.

> Is there still some work to do on the Mac Intel install,

There shouldn't be...

> or did I do something wrong?

I don't think that you did anything wrong.  Rather, I think you have
run into some sort of a shortfall in the testing procedures I have
outline when they are run on MacOS-X (the procedures work on Linux).

Please verify that you are unable to run the newly installed distribution
after completing the installation when using the standard environment
variable setup.  Again, the easiest way to insure that your environment
variables are set correctly is to logoff and then log back in again.
By the way, I am also assuming that you have setup your shell-definition
file (e.g., .cshrc for C shell, .bash_profile for BASH, etc.) in the
way that I outlined in the Unidata McIDAS Users Guide:


If you have not, I would recommend migrating to this approach (which was
modeled after the setup in GEMPAK).

Also, if you continue to have problems, I would be happy to login to buran
and take a look at the setup there.  In fact, I would appreciate this access
since we do not have an Intel-based MacOS-X machine on which we can do
local testing!

> Thanks.

Sorry for the problems...


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