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[McIDAS #DAO-259790]: McIDAS-XRD build in v2007c

Hi Randy,

> i am trying to compile the mcidas2007xrd and am getting some png
> errors? See enclosed makelog.

Right after seeing your email this morning I rebuilt the current release
of Unidata McIDAS, v2007f, ** including the XRD routines I bundle with my
release ** using gcc/g77 on both Fedora Core 5 x86_64 and under VMware Player
running Fedora 7 Linux as a virtual machine, and saw no problems in the builds
of the bundled XRD routines.  I did, however, run into a problem building 
using gcc/gfortran.  I see from your makelog that you are attempting to build
an XRD routine that I did not bundle with my release, CHANGECAL.

> Is it not possible to compile xrd if i am using unidata mcidas?

I have never tried to build the full SSEC XRD package using my makefile setup.
Instead, I took the approach of adding XRD routines one-by-one to my release
when requested to do so by end-users.  Apparently, I would need to do the
same thing for CHANGECAL (changecal.pgm) and other (??) XRD routines that
you want.

More specifically, the problem you ran into relates to my modifications
of AREA servers in McIDAS -- I added the ability to directly use the 
AREA imagery that we send in our IDD.

So, it seems to me that in order for you to build the XRD package from SSEC, you
would need to modify the makefile included with XRD to include reference to
the PNG routines that I added to the distribution.  Please take a look at the
XRD section of the v2007c makefile and compare the various actions to those
in the XRD makefile to see the types of modifications that you would have
to make to get SSEC's XRD package to build.

The other alternative is to let me know the specific (not all) routines from
XRD that are not included in the XRD section of my makefile that you would
like to see added.  I can add the routines you want/need and issue another
addendum that contains the updates.


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