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[Datastream #MCX-750494]: EAST and WEST datasets not updating on unidata2


The following is mostly to complete information in our inquiry tracking system.
I intend to update the McIDAS CVS repository with the changes made to fix the
code problems I found...

Previously I wrote:
> It seems that the gvaradir/gvaraget/gvarnavf problem expierenced earlier on
> unidata2 is related to the 64-bit build of McIDAS-X v2007.
> ...
> My hunch is that there must be one or more mistyped varibles used
> in source for gvaradir/gvaraget/gvarnavf or one or more of the
> procedures they call.

My hunch turned out to be correct.  The problem seen in listing data-from
and access data out of the EAST and WEST datasets on unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu
when using 64-bit versions of gvaradir and gvaraget was being caused by the
mistyping of variables passed to Mcdaytimetosec:

Mcdaytimetosec declaration in daytime.c:

int Mcdaytimetosec (int day, int hms, int *secs)

Values passed in gvaradir.cp:
  int tmpDate, tmpTime;
  time_t tmpSeconds;
    rc = Mcdaytimetosec(tmpDate, tmpTime, &tmpSeconds);

Values passed in gvaraget.cp:

  imginfo *newNode = NULL;
  time_t newSeconds = 0;
  time_t loDayTimSec = 0;
  time_t hiDayTimSec = 0;
  int loDate, hiDate;
  int loTime, hiTime;
    rc = Mcdaytimetosec(newNode->imgDate, newNode->imgTime, &newSeconds);
    rc = Mcdaytimetosec(loDate, loTime, &loDayTimSec);
    rc = Mcdaytimetosec(hiDate, hiTime, &hiDayTimSec);

After correcting the typing for tmpSeconds in gvaradir.cp, and newSeconds, 
and hiDayTimSec in gvaraget.cp from time_t to int and rebuilding gvaradir and 
IMGLIST and IMGDISP access to the EAST and WEST datasets work correctly.


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