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[McIDAS #FTB-213912]: Image Display Issue, MCIDASx2007c on AIX

Hi Martha,

> My apologies for being late getting back to you...yesterday was very
> hectic, and today has its problems, but I was able to determine that

No worries.  Things have been busy on this end also :-)

> (1) TRACE=1 qualifier with IMGDISP from non-AIX MCIDAS session does not
> generate a file on the AIX box with the agetserv version 2007c

This is very odd.  Please verify that the read/write permissions on
the ~mcidas/mcidas and ~mcidas/mcidas/data directories are set for
owner and group read and write.  By the way, I am assuming that the
users 'mcidas' and 'mcadde' are in the same group in your setup.

Also, you can run the same IMGDISP...TRACE=1 test as 'mcidas'.  In this
case, the file 'trce' should be created in the ~mcidas/workdata directory
as long as the dataset is being accessed as LOCAL-DATA.  If the access
is through the remote ADDE interface, 'trce' should be written to

> (2)  Replacing the version 2007c agetserv with version 2006 (version
> 2006a to be exact) Causes everything to start working again.

Ah Ha!  So, the agetserv executable built in your v2007c installation
is bad.  Since there was no change to the source code for agetserv
(agetserv.fp) between v2007 and v2007, and since my rebuild and tests
yesterday on our AIX 5.1 system do not show any problem with agetserv,
I am led to believe that something happened to the agetserv executable
during the build.

> So the problem appears to be with our AIX 5.3 build of agetserv 2007c.
> I would guesstimate that it doesn't work more frequently than it does
> work, BTW, say, 10% yes and 90 % no.

I would assume that if there is a problem, it should either work or
not work.

> I will leave the older version of agetserv in place, and will probably
> do the upgrade you suggest next week - I am off tomorrow and don't like
> to leave a non-working MCIDAS distribution in place.

Good plan.

> If you would like me to try any other tests in the meantime, please let
> me know.

Here is what I would do now that we know that the agetserv executable is
not working correctly:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/bin
mv agetserv agetserv.v2006         <- save a copy
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
rm agetserv agetserv.o arealine.o
make libmcidas.a agetserv
ln agetserv ~/bin

-- rerun the IMGDISP tests that failed before

If the newly built version of agetserv does not work, you could rebuild
the distribution from scratch.  NB: this can be done without losing
the working installation you now have:

<still as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
make clobber               <- deletes everything from the ~mcidas/mcidas07/src
                              directory built during the make process; this does
                              not do anything to the executables in 
make all                   <- or 'make mcx' if you are not building XCD on this 
rm ~mcidas/bin/agetserv
ln agetserv ~/bin          <- assuming that you have saved the v2006 copy of 

-- rerun the tests

I am betting that something strange happened during your original v2007c build
that caused a non-viable copy of agetserv to be created.  A rebuild might well
result in a working version.

> Thanks.

No worries.


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