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[McIDAS #FTB-213912]: Image Display Issue, MCIDASx2007c on AIX

Hi Martha,

previously I said:
> If agetserv is bombing for some reason, I would suspect that
> the problem is somehow related to the augmentation I made to be able to serve
> PNG-compressed imagery in AREA format. In anticipation of this possibility
> I am rebuilding v2007 on our AIX 5.1 box using the IBM xlf/xlc compilers. 
> Since
> our machine is slow, this build will take some time to complete, so I may not
> be able to get back to you as soon as I would like.

The build of McIDAS-X v2007e on our AIX 5.1 machine finally finished...

I have run a number of IMGLIST/IMGDISP tests on our machine accessing images
in normal and PNG-compressed AREA format.  All tests had no problems displaying
imagery and overlaying a variety of graphics.  Given this, I would expect that
the problem you are seeing on your machine is not due to the code modifications
I added to the AREA GET server, agetserv.  The one difference in your and our
machines that I can not evaluate is the OS version: you are running AIX 5.3 and
we are running AIX 5.1.

So, I am really scratching my head over what can be going on on your AIX box...

Were you able to run the IMGDISP...TRACE=1 test I suggested earlier?  If yes, 
does the the contents of 'trce' show?

Also, assuming that things are still not working, did you try switching the
version of agetserv that is being used?

<as 'mcidas' on the AIX machine>
cd ~mcidas/bin
mv agetserv agetserv.v2007
cp ~/mcidas2006/src/agetserv .

By the way, I looked through the makelog.mcidas2007c you sent initially to see 
there was anything strange in the building of agetserv... Everything looked like
it does in the makefile produced during the build on our AIX 5.1 machine, so
there were no clues there.

I also reviewed the contents of your mcidas2007c.profile file.  Even though I
did not find anything amiss, I recommend that you change the file contents to:

export PATH
if [ -s "$MAIL" ]           # This is at Shell startup.  In normal
then echo "$MAILMSG"        # operation, the Shell checks
fi                          # periodically.

# McINST_ROOT and VENDOR conforming shell defines
# needed to build McIDAS

# NOTE: uncomment the next two lines that set MySQL_ROOT if you
#       want to build with MySQL support:
#       - leave the value blank if MySQL is installed in a standard
#         location
#       - specify the value as the root directory of the MySQL
#         installation if MySQL is not installed in a standard
#         location
# export MySQL_ROOT

if [ -e $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh ]; then
  . $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh

Removing the various settings for McIDAS in favor of reading the settings from
the 'mcidas_env.sh' file included in the distribution will eliminate the need
for you to update your .profile contents when there are changes to 
And, for reference, I _have_ made changes to 'mcidas_env.sh' in a couple of the
addenda for v2007.

Lastly, just so your McIDAS installation is as up to date as possible, please
download and install the latest addenda, v2007e.  This is most easily done
as follows:

<as 'mcidas'>

1) download the addenda file to the ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update directory.
   The addendum is contained in the file mcupdate.tar.gz; put this
   file in:


   If necessary, download the addendum update script, mcunpack and:

   cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update

2) run the unpacking script to unpack the addendum:

   chmod +x mcunpack

3) build the addendum changes into your code:

  cd ../src
  make all            <- if you build both McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XCD, otherwise:
    -- OR --
  make mcx

  make install.all    <- if you build both McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XCD, otherwise:
    -- OR --
  make install.mcx

The addendum file contains all modifications made to Unidata McIDAS-X v2007 
its initial release.


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