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[Support #NAB-494698]: Mcidas--Grids not available?

Hi Bill,

> Hookay:
> I will repeat at the outset, we don't need any particular model--we have
> just evolved with what works to get us the particular forecast time and
> parameter we wanted.

OK, gotcha.

> Here are the salient parts of GRDDISP commands, in no particular order (all
> from RTGRIDS, duh). I just went through my files to look.  We've used other
> models, but the ones remaining are what, through experience, we had to do to
> get what we needed, no a priori selection.


> NAM LEV=SFC PARAM=PCP, P, T, SPD -- also LEV=MSL for some, gleaned by
>                                     combing through the grids.
> Not too difficult after all....we're just trying to make a few forecast maps
> for consumption by intro classes.

So, it may be quite easy for you to change from the old RTGRIDS datasets to
the new RTGRIBS datasets.  If you are game, I would ask you to make a
copy of one of your scripts and make the change to test things out:


- ADDE group from RTGRIDS -> RTGRIBS
- add DATALOC for RTGRIB server: idd.unl.edu, adde.cise-nsf.gov, or 


Everything else should work the same.  After all, it is the same model data
that is being ingested and processed.  The only difference is how the
data is being processed; the group name of the ADDE server that hosts the
data; and the partitioning of the data into datasets.

For comparison, in the "old" (v2006 and previous) way of putting fields
into datasets, there were:


        Dataset Names of Type: GRID  in Group: RTGRIDS
Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ALL           1310    Real-Time Grids
ECMWF           10    Real-Time ECMWF Grids
GFS            300    Real-Time GFS/AVN Grids
MDR             10    Real-Time MDR Grids
MISC            10    Other Real-Time Grids
NAM            120    Real-Time ETA Grids
NGM             40    Real-Time NGM Grids
RUC             80    Real-Time RUC Grids
UKMT           110    Real-Time UK Met Grids

DSINFO -- done

With the GRIB filer method (using a MySQL database), this has changed to:


Group Name                    Server IP Address
--------------------         ----------------------------------------
RTGRIBS                      IDD.UNL.EDU

<LOCAL-DATA> indicates that data will be accessed from the local data directory.

DATALOC -- done

        Dataset Names of Type: GRID  in Group: RTGRIBS

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ALL          99999    All GRIB1 grids
AWC-ALL      99999    AWC - All National Convective Weather Diagnostic grids
AWR-ALL      99999    AWR - All Alaska Waters Regional Wave Model grids
ECM-ALL      99999    ECMWF - All European Cntr for Med range Weather Fcst
ECM-EQME     99999    ECMWF - Equatorial strip (30S - 30N)/Merc
ECM-GLME     99999    ECMWF - Global/Merc
ECM-NWME     99999    ECMWF - NW quad (0-90N 120E - 120W)/Merc
ENP-ALL      99999    ENP - All Eastern North Pacific Regional Wave Model grid
FFG-ALL      99999    FFG - All NWS Flash Flood Guidance System grids
GFS-AKPS     99999    GFS - Alaska/PS; forecast and analysis
GFS-AKPSLRES 99999    GFS - Alaska/PS; low resolution
GFS-AKPSSSIF 99999    GFS - Alaska/PS; analysis - final run
GFS-ALL      99999    GFS - All Global Forecast System grids
GFS-GLME     99999    GFS - Global/Merc; forecast and analysis (thinned)
GFS-GLMELRES 99999    GFS - Global/Merc; low resolution
GFS-GLMENS   99999    GFS - Global/Merc; forecast and analysis (thinned)
GFS-HIME     99999    GFS - Hawaii/Merc; forecast and analysis
GFS-HIMELRES 99999    GFS - Hawaii/Merc; low resolution
GFS-HIMESSIF 99999    GFS - Hawaii/Merc; analysis - final run
GFS-NHPS     99999    GFS - N Hemi/PS; forecast and analysis
GFS-NHPSLRES 99999    GFS - N Hemi/PS; low resolution
GFS-NHPSSSIF 99999    GFS - N Hemi/PS; analysis - final run
GFS-NWME170  99999    GFS - NW Quad/Merc; low resolution (T170)
GFS-NWME62   99999    GFS - NW Quad/Merc; low resolution (T62)
GFS-PRPSLRES 99999    GFS - Puerto Rico/PS; low resolution
GFS-PRPSSSIF 99999    GFS - Puerto Rico/PS; analysis - final run
GFS-USLC     99999    GFS - CONUS/LC
GFS-USPS     99999    GFS - CONUS/PS; forecast and analysis
GFS-USPS2    99999    GFS - CONUS/PS; double resolution
GFS-USPSLRES 99999    GFS - CONUS/PS; low resolution
GFS-USPSSSIF 99999    GFS - CONUS/PS; analysis - final run
ICA-ALL      99999    ICA - All Ice Concentration Analysis grids
ICA-GLME     99999    ICA - Global/Merc
ICA-NHPS     99999    ICA - N Hemi/PS
ICA-SHPS     99999    ICA - S Hemi/PS
ICN-ALL      99999    ICN - All Current Icing Potential grids
MDR-ALL       1000    MDR - Manually Digitized Radar grids
NAH-ALL      99999    NAH - All North Atlantic Hurricane Wave Model grids
NAM-AKPS     99999    NAM - Alaska/PS
NAM-AKPSAWI2 99999    NAM - Alaska/PS (projection used by AWIPS - dbl res)
NAM-AKPSAWIP 99999    NAM - Alaska/PS (projection used by AWIPS)
NAM-ALL      99999    NAM - All North American Mesoscale numerical model grids
NAM-USLC     99999    NAM - CONUS/LC
NAM-USLC2    99999    NAM - CONUS/LC (double res)
NAM-USLCAWI4 99999    NAM - CONUS/LC (projection used by AWIPS - quad res)
NAM-USPS     99999    NAM - CONUS/PS (NGM Super C grid)
NCE-ALL      99999    NCEP - All NCEP quantitative precip forecast grids
NGM-AKPS     99999    NGM - Alaska/PS
NGM-ALL      99999    NGM - All Nested Grid Model grids
NGM-USLC     99999    NGM - CONUS/LC
NGM-USPS     99999    NGM - CONUS/PS
NGM-USPS2    99999    NGM - CONUS/PS (double res)
NPH-ALL      99999    NPH - All North Pacific Hurricane Wave Model grids
OVERFLOW     99999    Overflow grids
RCM-ALL      99999    RCM - All Radar Code Message grids
RFC-ALL      99999    RFC - All River Forecast Center mosaic grids; CONUS/LC
RUC-ALL      99999    RUC - All Rapid Update Cycle model grids
RUC-USLC     99999    RUC - CONUS/LC (isentropic - 80km at 40N)
RUC-USLC2    99999    RUC - CONUS/LC (isentropic - 40km at 40N)
RUC-USLC3    99999    RUC - CONUS/LC (isentropic - 20km at 40N)
RUC-USPS     99999    RUC - CONUS/PS (isentropic - 20km at 40N)
SST-ALL      99999    SST - All Sea Surface Temp Analysis grids
SST-GLME     99999    SST - Global/Merc
SST-GLME2    99999    SST - Global/Merc (double res)
SST-GLMETHIN 99999    SST - Global/Merc (thinned)
SST-NEME     99999    SST - NE Quad/Merc
UKM-ALL      99999    UKMT - All Coastal Ocean Circulation grids; global/Merc
UKM-GLME     99999    UKMT - Global/Merc
UKM-GLMETHIN 99999    UKMT - Global/Merc (thinned)
WHG-ALL      99999    WHG - All sig. wind wave height grids; Great Lakes/LC
WNA-ALL      99999    WNA - All Western North Atlantic Reg. Wave Model grids
WWF-ALL      99999    WWF - All Global Wind-Wave Forecast grids
WWF-GLME     99999    WWF - Global/Merc

DSINFO -- done

Notice that in the new scheme, there is always an all-inclusive set of any
type of data: ALL, GFS-ALL, RUC-ALL, NAM-ALL, etc.  These sets _should_
correspond 1-to-1 with the old RTGRIDS sets: ALL, GFS, RUC, NAM, etc.

> Thanks again, and sorry for all the hassle.

You are welcome, and this is not a hassle (outside of finding and fixing
a bug).


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