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[McIDAS #FTB-213912]: Image Display Issue, MCIDASx2007c on AIX

Hi Martha,

> We are having a problem with McIDAS2007c on our AIX box.  The ability to
> display images is erratic.  When I first built
> MCIDAS2007c on AIX, I used GNU compilers and when the
> UNIDATA-recommended test did not display the TOPO/CONF image, I tried
> building the distribution with the native AIX compilers xlc and xlf.
> The first time I tested the build, no image would display though the
> panels came up and maps displayed properly.


- was v2007c the first instance of the 2007 distribution that you tried,
  or did you install v2007 and then upgrade?

- what are the specific symptoms of the display failure?

> After looking at makelog, and not seeing any errors, I repeated the test
> on the xlc/xlf build and the image displayed correctly.

OK, very interesting indeed.

> I exited MCIDAS
> without deleting the dsserve entry for TOPO/CONF then went right back
> into MCIDAS and once again the image would not display.

Just to be clear: you are saying that you were running the tests I
suggest in the Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide?  And, you were able to
run the tests once using the build with the Vendor compilers (xlf/xlc)
but an EXIT out of your McIDAS session followed immediately with
tests in a new McIDAS session showed failures?

> Note that When
> this happens there is no error message generated, and MCIDAS just
> returns to its command prompt, and IMGLIST for the images works
> properly.  And there are no core files being generated that I can find.

Now I am totally confused.  Your comment 'and McIDAS just returns to
its command prompt' makes me think that you are not talking about
running the tests within a McIDAS session.

> We also can no longer display the ADDE datasets on the AIX box from
> other systems.  I did cut over to the 2007 version of mcadde but it did
> not help.

So, you can not display data from sessions running on your AIX box or
from sessions running on other boxes pointing to your AIX box?

> I am wondering if the load on the AIX box is the problem, or is it
> something else?

The load on the box should make no difference in data display outside
of the speed of the display.

> I am enclosing the makelog and the mcidas account's .profile file for
> you to see.  The AIX version is 5.3, the xlc version is 7.0 and the xlf
> version is 9.1
> Any help you can give us would be much appreciated.


- from a McIDAS session on the AIX box, can you correctly display imagery
  from another system outside of your shop?

Here is the test to run:

<login as 'mcidas' on your AIX box>
-- start a McIDAS v2007 session
-- point to an ADDE server on some other machine and see if you can
   correctly display imagery:


Your display should look like the GIF that I have attached to this email.


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