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[McIDAS #QNX-338397]: Can't display images using Mcidas command IMGDISP

Hi Trung,

> Below is the outputs from running the commands you recommended.

OK.  This shows that the image never got loaded into the frame
or that the navigation information did/could not be written to
the disk-based backing store for the frame.

> DMAP Frame
> ---- --------- ------------ --------- ---------
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame1.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame10.0 /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame2.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame3.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame4.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame5.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame6.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame7.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame8.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> -rw-      2816 Sep 21 13:55 Frame9.0  /home/dpi/.mctmp/249921538
> 28160 bytes in 10 files

This looks good.  McIDAS creates directories under ~/.mctmp with
a name that is the same as the shared memory handle for the session.
What I was looking for was Frame1.0 being in a directory like
/home/mcidas/data or /home/mcidas/help. Since your DMAP invocation
does not show this, you are likely not experiencing the problem that
I was thinking about.

> echo $MCPATH
> /home/dpi/mcidas/data:/home/dpi/mcidas/help:/home/mcidas/data:/home/mcidas/help

This looks exactly like what I would want except for the '/home/dpi/mcidas/help'

Do you create your own HELP files for locally developed McIDAS
routines?  If yes, are they stored in /home/dpi/mcidas/help?
Just curious...

> I could see Frame1.0 no different from others. But Look like the
> Framen.m files ended up in the wrong directory, do they?

No, they are where they should be.

> If so, where are they supposed to be in?

They are where they should be.

> Should I delete the whole directory '249921538' ?

Absolutely no!  This directory and all of its contents should be removed
when you EXIT your McIDAS session.

> I checked out the directory .mctmp from other user accounts, they were all 
> empty.

That is the correct state when the other accounts are not running a McIDAS

So, what to try next???

Can you make one or two of the images available that you are unable to
display?  Putting them on an FTP site that I can get access to would
probably be best.

Also, please send me the output from 'env' run just before you start
a McIDAS session in which the IMGDISPs fail.

And, as soon as you start a McIDAS session in which the IMGDISPs
fail, please send me the output of '!env' run from the McIDAS
Text and Command window.

Also, can you confirm (or refute) that you are unable to display the
image(s) when referenced from one dataset, but that you are able to
display them when referenced from another dataset?

Your situation is strange enough that I am having a hard time visualizing
what could be happening.  Would it be possible for me to temporiarily
get access to your account so I could do some more in-depth investigation?


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