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[netCDF #OML-578835]: AREA to NetCDF conversion

Hi Tom,

> Thanks. I'll certainly take you up on your offer to help.

Very good.

> We had a catastrophic failure in May. Even though we
> had the home directories on a RAID5, it was the raid
> controller that went bad and torched the filesystem.


> We had the system in rehab (at the electronic shop)
> for three weeks, then I slowly started adding software
> back. Updating McIDAS and getting the ADDE server
> running again wasn't a high priority in light of other
> needs.

I understand completely.

> You are welcome to poke around
> whenever you like. (I also noticed I have it set to save
> grib and bufr, which I need to turn off.)

OK.  I will try this a bit later today.

re: example script that demonstrates the IMGCOPY conversion
from AREA to netCDF

> Yes, an example script would be very helpful.


> This is work with a PhD student who is looking at cloud
> systems over South America. We have the code to
> process the brightness temperature grids once we
> extract them from the NetCDF files. We have already
> processed several years of G8 data.


> I would have to move images over from another
> system. Should I put them in the mcidas acct or
> another acct? Does it matter at all?

In order to create an input ADDE dataset from the images
you want converted, they will need to be accessible to the
user creating the dataset (presumably 'mcidas' in this case)
on which McIDAS will be used. If the images are available
via NFS, then there is no need to copy them over.  If they
are _not_ available, then you will need to copy them to a
directory where they will be available.  I suggest something
like /data/casestudy or anyplace else that you have disk space.
I strongly suggest, that they _NOT_ be copied to the ~mcidas/data
directory as this directory will get overwritten when doing
McIDAS installations.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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