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[McIDAS #QNX-338397]: Can't display images using Mcidas command IMGDISP

Hi Trung,

> The following message is from executing one of my applications.
> Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 512768
> Transferring AREA data outbound, bytes= 617808
> IMGCOPY: GER/GECONS04I2.13 copied to LOC/POS.952
> imgcopy.k: done
> Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 512768
> Transferring AREA data outbound, bytes= 617808
> IMGCOPY: GER/GECONS04I4.65 copied to LOC/POS.954
> imgcopy.k: done
> Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 512928
> Transferring AREA data outbound, bytes= 617968
> IMGCOPY: GER/GECONS04I6.57 copied to LOC/POS.956
> imgcopy.k: done

This looks OK.

> But I couldn't display the imagery using Mcidas window with the
> following command.
> IMGDISP: No images satisfy the selection criteria
> IMGDISP: done

Hmm...  Are the IMGCOPY and IMGDISP outputs from the same McIDAS session?

> Similarly for .954 and 956...
> However, I could display the source image (i.e. GER/GECONS04I2.13,
> GER/GECONS04I4.65 , ...)

This is a bit weird.

> By the way, I had all the Mcidas setup in place like:
> dsserver.k
> LOC/POS                  IMAGE AREA 1-9999

OK, with this ADDE server mapping table setup, the images
created from your IMGCOPY should be stored in the files:

LOC/POS.952  -> AREA0952
LOC/POS.954  -> AREA0954
LOC/POS.956  -> AREA0956

The first thing to check is if the images actually got created:


> [~/mcidas/data] $ redirect.k LIST ALL
> AREA1* /data/voldata
> AREA5* /data/voldata
> AREA6* /data/voldata
> AREA7* /data/voldata
> AREA8* /data/voldata

Yes, but what about AREA0*?  If there is no file REDIRECTion for AREA0*
then the output images should be created in your McIDAS working directory.
This would be ~/mcidas/data for the non-'mcidas' user and ~/workdata for
'mcidas' _if_ you setup your account(s) according to the instructions
in the Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide.

> I had no problem displaying the images before. The problem just arose
> after I moved my codes under a new user account.

This comment makes me suspicious about if the output images were actually

> Could you tell me what caused this problem?

Please send the output of the DMAP command I included above.

> Thanks.

No worries.


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