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[netCDF #OML-578835]: AREA to NetCDF conversion

Hi Tom,

> I'm looking for a way to convert McIDAS Area files
> to NetCDF files.

This can be done in McIDAS fairly simply.

> They are archived files that we have in-house from the
> NOAA CLASS server. They are not on an ADDE
> server.

OK.  You can create a local ADDE dataset of the images you have

> Also, we need to batch process them, not
> visualize them.

This should be pretty easy.

> Finally, we need to get the brightness temperature values.


> We found a java AreaToNetCDF converter at SSEC
> that allowed us to do the G8 files, but it won't handle
> G12. We contacted Tom Whittaker, and apparently
> there are no plans to support that java program (i.e.,
> add G12 calibrations).
> Is there a way to do this in McIDAS or any other Unidata
> software (IDV)?


> Again, the real keys are being able to
> batch the processes and get TBs. That java converter
> was perfect... as far as it went.

McIDAS should work nicely.

> Perhaps you have a suggestion!

My suggestion is twofold:

1) upgrade your McIDAS installation to the latest Unidata release,

2) Do the conversion using McIDAS:

   - create an input ADDE dataset of the images in AREA format
   - create an output ADDE dataset of type NCDF for the converted images
   - use the McIDAS routine IMGCOPY do copy from the input dataset to
     the output dataset.  The conversion from AREA top netCDF will be
     done for you transparently
> Hope all is well out there.

Things are going well, thanks!

> We've finally had that first cold front of the season
> come through. It's nice to finally open the windows
> again, after our brutal August.

As a contrast, we have had to start closing our windows at our
house up here in the Colorado foothills (elevation 8150') because
it is now getting quite cool to cold at night :-)

So, how best to proceed?

Since I am interested in seeing you get upgraded to the latest
McIDAS release (so the calibration coefficients for GOES-East/West
are up to date), I will offer to help you with the installation.
I can then setup the input and output datasets if you let me know
where the images to be converted can be found (this is a 2 minute
job).  Finally, I can give provide you with an example using
the mcrun'sh or mcbatch.sh scripts in the McIDAS distribution
to do the conversion.  My concept would be to make a copy of the
script (either one) and then modify the copy to include a looping
construct to work through all of the images in one go.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


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