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[McIDAS #DXU-117584]: noaapxcd issues

Hi Randy,

> Yesterday, we had a power outage and so our scripts
> pre-emptively shutdown our 2 noaaport boxes.


- are your shutdown scripts smart enough to have the LDM exit
  cleanly before shutting your machines down?

If the answer to this question is no, then you should investigate
making the scripts smarter as it will prevent you from having to
delete and remake your LDM queue on reboot.

> Noaapnew (connected to the novra receiver) was
> rebooted with the following commands issued:
> 1) ldmadmin delqueue
> 2) ldmadmin mkqueue
> 3) ldmadmin clean
> 4) ldmadmin start
> 5) ldmadmin watch
> Sep 14 13:15:22 pqutil:      172 20070914131522.133
> IDS|DDPLUS 204796181  CDUS27 KZFW 141257
> Sep 14 13:15:22 pqutil:     2281 20070914131522.133
> NNEXRAD 204796182  SDUS36 KSGX 141258 /pN1PNKX
> Sep 14 13:15:22 pqutil:     2283 20070914131522.133
> NNEXRAD 204796183  SDUS56 KSGX 141258 /pNTPNKX
> Sep 14 13:15:23 pqutil:    11639 20070914131523.140
> HDS 204796184  SDUS81 KRNK 141304 /pDPAFCX
> Sep 14 13:15:23 pqutil:     2645 20070914131523.140
> HDS 204796185  SDUS86 KSGX 141258 /pDPANKX
> control-D
> so that appears fine.

I agree that this looks good.

> I then boot our noaapxcd box and issue the same
> commands as above (as user ldm)
> I then start statdisp and get all red text
> ps -ef |grep DM clearly shows the DM*'s running
> not sure what to try next.


- did you verify that the noaaxcd box is, in fact, receiving
  data from its upstream host, noaanew?

Even though you said that you executed the same commands on
noaaxcd as on noaanew, you did not explicitly show that noaaxcd
is, in fact, receiving data.

The fact that the XCD routines are running (the output of 'ps -eaf | grep DM'
showing the data monitors are running only shows that they were correctly
started, not that they are receiving data.

Things to check:

1) are the XCD ingesters running:

ps -eaf | grep inge

2) if ingetext.k and ingebin.k are running, are the spool files that they write
   to being updated?

   To check this, figure out where the spool files reside on your system
   (from the 'mcidas' account on the noaaxcd machine, run:

dmap.k \*.XCD
dmap.k HRS.SPL

   NB: I am assuming that you setup the processing on noaaxcd to conform
   to the Unidata way of setting up McIDAS, XCD, and the LDM.  If you did
   something else (i.e., follow SSEC's example), then you will have to adjust
   my comments to match your setup.

3) if the spool files are being updated, then check to see if the XCD pointer
   file, $MCDATA/DCLSTIDX.PTR is being updated.

If DCLSTIDX.PTR is not being updated, then the only thing I can recommend is:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop

<as 'mcidas'>
batch.k XCD.BAT

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin start

> thanks,

Please let me know if the above helped.


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