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[McIDAS #HSW-102829]: I don't know what to do.

Hi Gilbert,

> Weather2 is down again, after unzipping the /hoem directory, reinstalling
> the LDM. I started/stopped it, and all was well. Logged back in after a
> few hours, if I type "shutdown -r now" it says "input/output error". LDm
> wasn't running, just normal services. It says the disk partition is now
> read only. I can't do anything on there. It's late, I'm tired, and I'll
> reboot tomorrow. If the OS is hosed, you got me. I don't know what to do
> anymore.

I had just finished the McIDAS-X v2007 build on weather2 when you rebooted last
night.  Since I was at a good breaking point in a number of things I was doing
(working on systems in Argentina and Barbados, no less), I decided to head home.
I have not been able to login to your machine since going home because I decided
to replace the motherboard in my home Linux development machine.  Unfortunately,
the power supply will not drive the new motherboard (an excessed Tyan dual
AMD 2400 box)... argh!

So, I am able to feel a tiny bit of your pain directly -- playing with machines
is fun when one has the time; it is not so much fun when other obligcations
are pressing down!!!

I will chat with our system administrators when I get into work to see if they
have any sage words of advice for the situation on weather2.  I have a gut
feeling that the problem is a simple one to fix, but it will likely require
interaction from the system console.

Given all that you have gone through in the past week, it is definitely time
to take some time off; put your feet up; and RELAX!  Take care...

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