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[McIDAS #HZP-657281]: Moving McIDAS-XCD server

Hi Hsie,

> re:
> In the old version od McIDAS-XCD, we store GRIB data in GRIDxxxx files
> and scour them by mcscour.sh script.


> Where are the GRIB data stored now

The GRIB[12] files are being stored in the /home/mcidas/savedata/grib directory.
This is being done by virtue of the McIDAS file REDIRECTion that was created
by 'mcxconfig':

<as 'mcidas'>
redirect.k LIST
Number of active redirection entries=85
AREA006* /home/mcidas/savedata
AREA007* /home/mcidas/savedata
*.IDX /home/mcidas/savedata
*.IDT /home/mcidas/savedata
*.XCD /home/mcidas/savedata
*.bu* /home/mcidas/savedata/bufr
*.gr* /home/mcidas/savedata/grib
redirect.k: Done

You can see that the last REDIERCTion in this list causes BUFR files to be
written to the /home/mcidas/savedata/bufr directory.

> and how do we scour them (including the database stored in MySQL)?

The file and database scourings are accomplished by the 'xcdscour' routine that
was copied to the ~ldm/util directory on stratus.  'xcdscour' is run out of cron
by the following two actions which were also created by 'mcxconfig':

# Prune McIDAS-XCD produced BURR/GRIB files
10 08,20 * * * util/xcdscour BUFR 1 /home/mcidas/savedata/bufr >/dev/null 2>&1
20 08,20 * * * util/xcdscour GRIB 1 /home/mcidas/savedata/grib >/dev/null 2>&1
                                  ^__ number of days to keep online

If you are considering moving the location of the GRIB and BUFR files, you will
need to:

1) change the file REDIRECTions for BUFR (*.bu*) and GRIB (*.gr*) to point to 
   new directories you want to use

2) stop the LDM:

   <as 'ldm'>
   cd ~ldm
   ldmadmin stop

3) delete and remake the MySQL database:

   <as 'mcidas'>
   cd $MCDATA
   gribadmin removedb
   gribadmin makedb

4) change the crontab entries in the 'ldm' account to scour the directories
   you decide to use for GRIB and BUFR filing

5) restart the LDM:

   <as 'ldm'>
   cd ~ldm
   ldmadmin start


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