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[McIDAS #MVO-904497]: Build works, but how do you enter McIDAS-X Text commands?

Hi Samuel,

Evidently, you were able to work past the -lX11 link error you reported
previously.  Can you let us know what you did so the information/procedure
will be recorded in our inquiry tracking system?  Thanks in advance...

> I don't see a way to execute these commands to test the build.
> When I hit the "Start McIDAS" button from the mcidasx window, I get the
> following:
> Error in startup script: invalid command name "fileToList"
> while executing "fileToList $mcrcfile"
> (procedure "readMcidasrc" line 139) invoked from within
> "readMcidasrc "$home/.mcidasrc""
> (file "/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/src/mcidas" line 667)

If this is a first time installation of McIDAS, you should go ahead and install
the newly built code before attempting to run the tests.  This is what I meant

Building and Installing McIDAS-X 2007

  Testing the Build

  The user mcidas can now test the Unidata McIDAS-X 2007 before installing it.


    * Testing is recommended if one is upgrading from a previous McIDAS 

    * If this is a new McIDAS installation, please complete the instructions in 
      the Distribution now.

      After installing the new build, you can check the functionality of the 
build by executing
      the actions listed in steps 5. through 8. below (i.e., skip steps 1. 
through 4. and 9.). 

In a brand new installation, the Tcl/Tk scripts needed by the MCGUI graphical 
will not be found, and one will run into the problems you report.

So, based on my assumption that this is a brand new McIDAS installation, my
recommendations are:

- go ahead and install the newly built code:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas2007/src
make install
-- OR -- 
make install.all          <- if you build using 'make all'

- make sure that you have modified the shell-specific definition file as per 

Preparing the mcidas account

- log off and then log back on to make sure that the changes in your 
  definition file are active

- finally run the tests indicated in steps 5-8 outlined in the test 
instructions listed
  in the URL above.


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