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[McIDAS #GMM-549214]: Displaying NIMAGE data in IDV/McIDAS

Hi Kevin,

> Thanks for the reply--I had already built McIDASX-2007 and the
> ldm-mcidas-2004 packages, though I went ahead and ran the mcxconfig script
> regardless.

OK.  'mcxconfig' can be run at any time.

> As I understand it, the NIMAGE files are zlib-compressed GINI
> images.


> I have tried to load them using both IDV (2.3) and McIDAS, both
> in compressed and uncompressed (after processing with zlibg2gini) formats,
> but I have not been successful--both complain about the files not being
> valid "AREA" format files.

In McIDAS, everything is accessed through server transactions.  If you
have written the GINI formatted images into files named AREA* and then
created ADDE datasets that say that the images are in AREA format, the
access will fail.  Instead, what you should do is review the server mapping
table entries created by 'mcxconfig' (~mcidas/data/LSSERVE.BAT) to see
how you define an ADDE dataset that correctly specifies that the files
are in GINI format.  The LSSERVE.BAT entries to look at are for the

> I've attached my pqact file for the NIMAGE data stream.  You will see a
> slight difference in the naming convention for the compressed and
> uncompressed files, but other than that I believe my syntax is fine.
> The decode log is attached too.

Just so you know... McIDAS doesn't care how files are named.  It cracks the
files that it has been told are in a dataset and tries to read them.  It
is smart enough to differentiate a Zlib-compressed GINI image from one that
has been uncompressed.  As far as the end user is concerned, the access is

> Any ideas or suggestions?

Yes.  Please send me the contents of your server mapping table,
~mcidas/workdata/RESOLV.SRV, so I can review how you created your datsets.
If you used LSSERVE.BAT but modified it, please send the version you
used along also.


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