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[McIDAS #FWI-489732]: Mcidas and Red Hat Enterprise Server 3

Hi Samuel,

> I'm trying to build Mcidas-X on a Enterprise Server(using make all),
> when I run into a linker problem:
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -X11

Without more information, it would appear that your machine does not have
a full development environment installed.  To verify if this is, in fact,
the case, please run the following and send me the listings:

ls /usr

locate libX11

> It seems to be complaining about libtk8.4.so.
> Now I have libtk8.3.so, should I make a soft link to libtk8.4.so?

No.  McIDAS is distributed with a version of Tcl/Tk that it uses
in preference to one that may (or may not) be installed with the
operating system.

> I don't see any channels available to download 8.4.

There is not need to.

> Any suggestions?

Yes, please send the output from the commands I suggest above.  Also,
please send the relevant part of the McIDAS makelog, 
so I can see what the exact error was (i.e., instead of sending the entire
makelog, please send the lines at the end that show the problem being
encountered).  If your build is not getting to the point of producing the
McIDAS makelog, please clip out the text echoed to the terminal window in
which you are building McIDAS and send it to me.

Just to let you know:  I am happy to troubleshoot your problem on your machine
if you provide the necessary login information for the user 'mcidas'.  If you
decide to do this, please reply to this email with the fully qualified name
of the machine you are installing McIDAS on.  In a separate email to my
private address, address@hidden, please send the password for the
'mcidas' account without reference to the machine it is valid for.


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Ticket ID: FWI-489732
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