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[McIDAS #HZP-657281]: Moving McIDAS-XCD server

Hi again Hsie,

Here is some potentially useful information regarding the 'maintenance'
state for the McIDAS ADDE service:


Also, here is a reply I sent to a user regarding what I found in a Google

Here is the Question and Answer pair that see appropriate:

  Q: What happens when an smf(5) service fails?

  A: When a service participating in smf(5) fails due to a hardware error
     such as an uncorrectable memory fault, software error such as a service
     core dump, or even administrative error such as killing the wrong process,
     the fault is detected and the service is automatically restarted by smf(5).
     Any services which depend upon the failing service are also immediately
     stopped so that they can be restarted when the failing service recovers.

     Service status is given for all services on the system through the svcs(1)
     command. If a service cannot be restarted by the system, it is put into the
     "maintenance" state. The svcs -x command gives as much diagnosis of the
     failure as possible, including the reason for failure, pointers to
     log files and man pages, and a summary of other services which are impacted
     by the failure. A pointer to a knowledge article with further information
     about possible causes and remedies for  the fault is also given.

It appears that 'svcs -x' should give you important information on why 'svcs' is
not listing the remote McIDAS ADDE service as being online.  The command you 
need to execute as 'root' is:

svcs -x /network/mcidas/tcp

More information can be had if the following is run by 'root':

svcs -l /network/mcidas-tcp

More as I discover additional information.


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