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[McIDAS #MYU-247334]: resurrection of ADDE server on papagayo

Hi Clint,

re: install McIDAS, etc on idd.unl.edu
> Sounds good (looks like you've been working on it already ;-)).

Yea, I was chomping at the bits, so I jumped on your machine yesterday
afternoon and did the setup.

> I saw
> your announcement of the new version yesterday and thought the same
> thing.

Great minds work alike ;-)

> I don't know what the issue is with the load average -- do you have any
> idea?  Can you ask Mike?

I chatted with Mike about this over lunch hour and did not arrive at any 
We will be taking a look at things as time permits.

Question: do you have any problems with me moving the LDM queue off of the RAID?

The only reason I ask is my experience with a different kind of RAID under 
On the system I put together for Costa Rica, I ran into performance issues using
a RAID I had built using a RAID card and two 250 GB ATA 7200 rpm disks.  My
experience was replicated by Gerry Creager of TAMU who also ran into severe
performance problems with a RAID he put together, and he tried almost every type
of file system on the RAID that Linux offers.  I think I remember that the RAID
you are using is an external device that is connected to your machine via a SCSI
interface, so your machine may not have the same problems that I ran into.  
the LDM queue off of the RAID would serve to test if being on the RAID has 
to do with the higher than expected load averages we are seeing.

Other questions:

- do you really intend to keep 5 days of _all_ data online?  I see that there 
  LOTS of NEXRAD Level III composite images in the 

- do you mind that I changed the password for the MySQL database?  I had to do 
  since I did not have the password it was created with

- would you be against me doing a 'yum -y update' to update your machine to the 
  kernel, etc.?

- am I stepping on the toes of your system administrator?

I will send you a detailed accounting of everything I did to setup McIDAS 
when I get a spare hour.  Right now I am doing essentially the same installation
on Jennie Moody's machine at UVa (except her machine is running RedHat 
Enterprise 4,
not Fedora Core 6).



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