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[McIDAS #OKI-770345]: any utility to convert from Grib to McIDAS

Hi Huiya,

Sorry for the very late reply; the past two weeks have been occupied by
the McIDAS training workshop; finding and fixing bugs in the McIDAS v2007
release (that I announced this morning); and a couple of days off to 
> Thanks for getting back to me.  I was on vacation last week.
> We at NCEP recently developed capability of generating
> satellite look alike products from model prodicted moisture
> and cloud fields.

This sounds like the cloud products created from CRAS model output at SSEC.

> I would like to compare these satellite
> look alike with satellite observations on NAWIPS.  I was
> told by an NAWIPS expert that, since NAWIPS uses GEMPAK
> to display satellite obs in McIDAS format, it might be easier
> for me to convert our simulated satellite products that are
> in Grib to McIDAS and then display them with GEMPAK the same way.


> I don't have MYSQL installed but will ask our IT persons for help.
> Could you send more instructions?

In order to build McIDAS with MySQL support, one has to install the server,
client, and development environments for MySQL.  How this is done is
operating system dependent, but it always needs to be done by 'root'.

After all three MySQL components are installed, one can build McIDAS
specifying that MySQL support is to be included.  I can't comment on how
SSEC does this in their McIDAS distribution, but I can comment on how
this is done in Unidata McIDAS.  All one has to do in Unidata McIDAS
is follow the instructions in the Unidata McIDAS User's Guide in the
Preparing the McIDAS account section:

Unidata McIDAS-X v2007 Users Guide

  Installing McIDAS-X on Unix or Mac OS X Workstations

    Preparing the mcidas Account

As you will see from the documentation, all one has to do is set the 
environment variable
MySQL_ROOT to either 'TRUE' if MySQL is installed in a "standard" location, or 
to the
full pathname of the directory under which it is installed.  After MySQL_ROOT 
is defined
(AND assuming that one follows the instructions for reading the environment 
file mcidas_env.sh or mcidas_env.csh), the user can simply:

- download the Unidata McIDAS distribution to the HOME directory of the user 
  Also download the unpacking script 'mcunpack'.

- define the Unix environment variable McINST_ROOT to be the directory under 
  McIDAS will be installed.  This is typically the HOME directory of the user
  'mcidas', ~mcidas

- unpack Unidata McIDAS as the user 'mcidas'

cd ~mcidas
chmod +x mcunpack

- CD to the v2007 source directory:

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src

- build the distribution:


Now, NCEP will be granted access to Unidata McIDAS if it is a member in good 
with the McIDAS Users Group at UW-SSEC.  Also, one has to register with the 
web site before being given access to our software.  Go to the 'Login' page on
our site:


and click on the 'Not Yet Registered?' link and follow directions.

> Thank you fo your help.

No worries.  I apologize again for the tardy reply.


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