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[McIDAS #HZP-657281]: Moving McIDAS-XCD server

Hi Hsie,

re: do you mean you want to move LDM processing to stratus
> Yes.

Very good.  The thing that had me a bit worried was your referring to
the McIDAS-XCD ** server **.  I wanted to make sure that you were not
referring to the remote ADDE server which was already running on stratus.

re: can you wait to move until the McIDAS-X v2007 is released

> I will wait.

Thank you.

> But in the mean time I have few questions.  The LDM
> package is compiled in 64-bit binary by default.  The McIDAS is in
> 32-bit binary.  But the ldm-mcidas decoder need both LDM and McIDAS
> libraries.  How can I compile McIDAS in 64-bit binary?

McIDAS should build as 64-bit on 64-bit machines -- it does so on my
development Linux 64-bit machine.  Are you indicating that you (re)built
McIDAS v2006 on stratus and you got 32-bit binaries?  If yes, this
is something I have not encountered.  My experience in building the
combination of LDM, McIDAS and ldm-mcidas on 64-bit machines is limited
to my Fedora Core 5 Linux machine.  I have had no problems building
and running all packages on it.  I have not yet, however, tried this
combination on a 64-bit Solaris 10 x86 box.  I will be doing this after
my workshops, however, since I need to make an updated ldm-mcidas release.


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