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[McIDAS #PYR-135620]: McIDAS

Hi Jennie,

re: wait for v2007 ** especially for model data access **

> Oops, okay, guess I will wait.  I was worried you might say that (there is a
> new version).

Just so you know, there is _always_ a new McIDAS distribution in the July/August
time frame.  I wish I could get it put together sooner than the end of July,
but I keep running into subtle bugs that will cause problems for users, so I
have to drop back to find and fix them.

> Well, I can wait until after the 10th, and it would help me
> immensely to come to the workshop, but its over our extended-family vacation
> (we go to the outer banks of NC with all of Dave's siblings and their
> families from Aug 5-12, Stoner beach week!)

A vacation, hum ;-)

> Will you be around after the 10th, or do you take-off for a while?

I will likely take off a couple of days after the workshop ends.  Cathy and
I are planning on driving up to Frasier on the evening of the 10th (my birthday
no less) to meet up with Tammy and Mike for some mountain biking (me, not
Cathy) and/or hiking.

> I will be trying to get things
> running before classes start here the end of August.

I will be available by the 12 or 13th.  I can even help you get McIDAS up
and running if you give me the appropriate passwords for your machine.

> Actually, I did come to a workshop once very long ago when I first got
> things going here at UVA (probably back in 1995 or so?).  It was the ldm
> workshop though.

Hmm... I don't remember that.  It was likely before I was involved in the

> Well, I did make the mcidas directory.  While I was doing that, I realized I
> don't know how to make a user without login (mcadde)....is there something
> other than the adduser tool to work with, or some trick to this?  Sorry, I
> know thats basic linux sysadmin stuff, but thats often the stuff I don't
> know!

The easiest way to do this is to:

- use 'adduser' to make the 'mcadde' account specifying that the HOME directory
  is /home/mcidas if it allows this or /home/mcadde if it doesn't.  Don't worry
  about the login shell

- use 'vipw' to edit the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files.  There you would 
  the home directory to /home/mcidas (if needed) and the login shell to 
  (your new machine _is_ running Linux, right?)

> Although I cannot make the user workshops, I expect to be in Boulder twice
> this fall, once for the NCAR members meeting, and then I hope sometime with
> Dave when they have some kind of an opening ceremony for the wind facility
> he has been working on out there, Cedar Creek. Don't know when that will be,
> but I am hoping I can get a day in Boulder, to bug you and Don (I'm
> expecting to get the IDV up and running for students as well, but so far I
> have an issue with the graphics card(s) on these linux boxes not being set
> up for the IDV).

OK, so we will see you and Dave sometime in the fall...


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