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[McIDAS #PYR-135620]: McIDAS

Hi Jennie,

> I am getting ready to put McIDAS on a new machine here at UVA (livos).  I
> just wanted to make sure that I am not going to install the latest version
> which was released August 4, 2006, and then find out that you are releasing
> a new one in a couple of weeks.  If thats the plan, please just through me a
> heads-up message.  Thanks much.

I am in the midst of finalizing my McIDAS-X/-XCD v2007 distribution.  Please
wait until I release v2007 before downloading/building/installing.

> I'm sure as I work my way through this all, questions will arise, so stay
> tuned!

Just so you know...  I am holding the McIDAS-X Training Workshop from August 
so I would advise waiting to install after this is over (I'll be kinda busy 
the workshop and so not available).

> P.S. Hope all goes well.  Once again, I will miss the Unidata workshops that
> I know would help me be more productive and get more things rolling.

I was going to point out that you _still_ have not attended a McIDAS workshop 

> I will
> be teaching Weather Forecasting again this fall, and something else in the
> spring, I am not certain what that class will be, either Satellite
> Meteorology again, or maybe our intro class Atmosphere and Weather.  Anyway,
> it helps cover what my research grants don't as I seemingly very slowly drag
> my career back to life.

Sounds good.

One of these years you _must_ attend at least one of our workshops!  At a 
it will be good to see you again :-)


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