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[McIDAS #WXA-293470]: Forecast panels

Hi Rob,

> I'm writing this time instead of Ben as the question is more of a
> meteorology nature.

OK, ready.

> 1. Are there scripts out there to put together forecast model panel output
> (ETA etc) from McIDAS?

No, not really.  This should be pretty easy to do in a McIDAS BATCH file,

> 2. Many that you see on the web now-a-days have shading to indicate levels
> of preciptation / humidty etc .. can this be generated in McIDAS?

McIDAS does not provide the ability to do color-filled contours.  What
it can do, however, is visualize model grids as images, and the images
can be colorized using the EU command.  I have attached a GIF save of a
frame in which an SST grid was converted into an image and then displayed
using IMGDISP.  Also, I wrote an example McBASI script (CFILLCLP.MCB)
that automates the process of converting a model grid into an image and
then displaying it.  I have been playing around with CFILLCLP.MCB a
lot lately tweeking it to be more than a simple example of how to create
McBASI scripts.  Just Saturday I was trying to figure out how to modify
it to plot in panels of a frame.

> 3. Just wondering in general what might be available ..

Most of the McIDAS users I know use the package for image analysis, manipulation
and display.  The online training workshop materials have some ideas of
how to create loops of model data, and also how to create many paneled displays.
The combination of these two lessons could be used to create attractive and
useful multipanel displays of model forecast data.  If display of color-filled
contours is an integral part of what you have in mind, then the only possibility
in McIDAS is conversion to images which you then colorize.  One thing to 
with this, however, is that all panels in a frame will share the same image
enhancement and graphic palette.  Colorizing the images might, therefore, not
be as flexible as you would like.

> PS No-one at unidata ever got back to me on the USU / NOAAPORT possibilities
> ...

This short coming must be mine... I apologize for not getting back to you!
Can you refresh my memory about the conversation that we were having?
Sorry for my lapse; old age must be setting in, I guess.

> Many thanks .. Rob

No worries.  I can help you get going on multi-paneled displays if you like.
Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


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