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[McIDAS #CNE-889859]: Setting up ADDE server

Hi Mike,

> I'm having some problems getting the ADDE server to respond to requests
> and was hoping you can help. I have the mcidas account setup to read the
> correct data paths and using the mcidas account I can see the data. The
> command "dmap.k AREA" lists all the files correctly and locally
> "dsinfo.k IMAGE ER" responds back with:
> Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: ER
> Name         NumPos   Content
> ------------ ------   --------------------------------------
> GEC01V           1    1 KM VISIBLE CONUS
> DSINFO -- done

Please send the output generated freom 'dsserve.k LIST ER'.  This list the 
for the ER dataset(s), and so will help in troubleshooting.

Also, plese send the output from 'dataloc.k LIST ER'.

> However, when I try from a remote machine I get:
> No Datasets found of Type: IMAGE in Group: ER
> DSINFO -- done
> The client seems to be connecting to the remote machine just fine, but
> for some reason the server can't find the data for the request. The
> .mcenv file seems to have all the correct paths (I can source it and
> still access the data), but I may have missed something. It contains the
> following:
> umask 002
> export MCHOME=/usr/local/mcidas
> export MCDATA=$MCHOME/workdata
> export MCPATH=${MCDATA}:$MCHOME/data:$MCHOME/help
> export MCGUI=$MCHOME/bin
> export 
> export MCTABLE_WRITE="$MCHOME/mcidas/data/MCTABLE.TXT"
> export PATH=${MCGUI}:$PATH
> cd $MCDATA
> I also can't seem to find where the log is writing to if at all.
> Please let me know if you need anymore info.
> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

No worries.


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