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[McIDAS #KNL-950064]: McIDAS on OS X... which gcc compiler?

Hi Tom,

First, the one test I made as 'root' had no effect on building
HDF4.2r1, so you can revert the temporary password back whenever
you like.  More on the HDF4.2r1 build below...

> Thanks, Tom. Hopefully what you are learning about Intel Macs
> will prove beneficial for others down the road as Apple goes
> to all Intel. No rush on my end.

Well, I _did_ learn some things from working on your new Intel-based
Mac.  The most important thing is that the February 2, 2007 version of
HDF4.2r1 is not configured to build "out of the box" on the newer
Intel Macs.

I did get your distribution to build and install, but I have no idea
if it will actually work.  I intended to run some tests today, but
the network in my neighborhood is down at the moment (I am sending this
using a dial-up connection (argh!)), so I can not do what I wanted
to do.

"For the files" (i.e., more for my/SSEC's benefit, not yours), I did
the following to get McIDAS to build on your Intel Mac:

1) modify the Darwin entry in ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src/mccomp.sh to alter
   gcc's behavior by:

   - unsetting the __APPLE__ macro it defines
   - set the UNIX386 macro

   This was done by including:

   -U__APPLE__ -DUNIX386 in the ccopts setting.  How this is done will
   need to be tweeked in the McIDAS distribution since the altered settings
   are not correct for PowerPC-based Macs

2) modify the setting of CFLAGS in ~mcidas/admin/mcidas_env.sh to include
   the modifications spelled out in 1)

3) modify the setting of CXX in ~mcidas/admin/mcidas_env.sh to 'CXX='

4) added a definition for CXXCPP in ~mcidas/admin/mcidas_env.sh ('CXXCPP=')

Comments (again, mainly for me):

1) ~mcidas/admin/mcidas_env.csh needs to be modified with the C Shell
   equivalents of the changes made in mcidas_env.sh

2) I need to add logic in ~mcidas/mcidas2006/mccomp.sh to distinguish
   between the PPC and Intel versions of Macs

So, I will now rely on you to test the McIDAS build on buran.  Please
do this first as the user 'mcidas'.  I recommend that you do the following:

<login as 'mcidas' to the system console>

run the following:


If a session is created, EXIT it

mcidas -config

Does the selection GUI come up?

If the selection GUI starts, have it startup a session
_without_ the MCGUI or SSEC GUI.  Then run through the
test steps listed in the Testing a new Installation section
of the Unidata McIDAS-X Users guide (not the part that has
you change environment variables; just the part that has
you run various McIDAS commands).

In closing, I intend to login to your system as soon as my
neighborhood network returns so I can test various parts of
the build.

> Thanks again...

No worries.  We are not necessarily finished yet.  A lot will
depend on the results of your testing, presumably next week


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