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20070419: Problem with mcenv / crontab

Hi Simon,

It is always a good idea to setup logging so you can see where things
go wrong especially when running things from cron.

I suggest making some small modifications to your script:


# User and McIDAS HOME directories
export HOME=/home/rgn/bmtc/eching
export MCHOME=/ra1/licsw/mcidas

# setup MCPATH and PATH
export MCDATA=$HOME/mcidas/data
export PATH=$HOME/bin:$MCHOME/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/X11

# Log everything
export MCLOG=$MCDATA/test.log
exec 2>$MCLOG 1>&2

# It never hurts to know where you are when the script gets executed

# Load the image and create a GIF NB: I am explicit in specifying 1
# frame that is 800 lines by 1000 elements
mcenv -f address@hidden << EOF
  imgdisp.k GMS5/IR1 1
  frmsave.k 1 TEST

# Done
exit 0

This script running correctly depends on a couple of things:

- McIDAS is installed under /ral/licsw/mcidas

- there exists a copy of MCTABLE.TXT in either $MCDATA or $MCHOME/data
  that specifies the ADDE server that the dataset GMSS can be found on.
  Otherwise GMSS will be assumed to be LOCAL-DATA and there will need
  to be a RESOLV.SRV in your $MCPATH in which GMSS is defined


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