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[McIDAS #LIQ-345901]: SUSE 10

Hi Bob,

re: building Unidata McIDAS-X on SuSE 10

> Thanks, I've started to compile with "make mcx" and get
> an error because make is expecting to find g77 on the machine
> and it doesn't exist...apparently it is not compatible with
> SUSE10..has been replaced with "gfortran"...the Vendor Fortran
> compiler is "ifort".

A couple of things:

- I tried long and hard to get McIDAS to build AND run correctly using
  gfortran.  I was successful in getting it to build, but I ran into
  LOTS of runtime errors that seemed to indicate that gfortran is not
  yet ready for prime time

- the Vendor Fortran is "ifort"???  Are you saying that SuSE 10 is
  distributed with the Intel Fortran compiler?

What my EUMETSAT user (the one that recently built Unidata McIDAS-X v2006
on SuSE 10) did was:

- make sure that he had a full development environment (his original
  installation did not have the XWindow development stuff (include files,
  libraries, etc.) loaded, and he was missing yacc (bison, actually)
  and a couple of other things.

- loaded g77 for SuSE 10

> Is there a way for me to substitute the
> correct compiler name in the makefile (or configure file)?

I have tested extensively using g77; my attempts to use gfortran failed
mainly due to what looked to be gfortran errors at runtime; and I have
never tried to use 'ifort'.  My suggestion is to load g77 and go from

For reference, I use g77 on my Fedora Core 5 64-bit system.  I loaded 
g77 from the compatibility RPM:


Since my EUMETSAT user (Hans Peter Roseli) was able to load g77 for
SuSE 10 64-bit, I know that there is a similar g77 compatibility
library for SuSE.

> I'm attaching the makelog file here in case you need to look at it.

It seems that configure doesn't know what Fortran compiler to use:

configure: warning: Fortran-77 compiler is explicitly null
configure: warning: The Fortran-77 interface will not be built

Also, it looks like your environment is not setup correctly for the
Unidata McIDAS build.  Can you send a listing of the environment variables
in scope when you start your build?  Thanks...

> Thanks!

No worries.


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