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[Support #ARA-684823]: ADDE access to remote servers

Hi Julia,


> Yes, it does display the image. So, I think it is where my problem is. The
> frame size is too small. I was looking at the space.

Please remember that the GOES-East images are very large.  It is likely that
you will never be able to create a frame large enough to display an entire
image.  This is the reason McIDAS has a rich syntax for displaying images
under user control.  Please check out the Unidata Users Guide section on
IMGDISP for more information.

> Can I ask you a question about Latitude and Longtitude? The
> Latitude/Longtitude is in DD:MM:SS format on the frame.

McIDAS supports a number of formats for lat/lon.  Please run 'ARGHELP'
for more information.

> But in .ALT
> file(generated by
> AXFORM), it is a digital count. Is it in (digital counts)/100 degrees?

I assume that the following snippit from the AXFORM online help pertains:

   NAV=YES inc | produce .LAT/.LON data files with an element
                 increment; these files contain LAT/LON stored as
                 degrees*100 (2 bytes per element); the increment is the
                 the number of data elements associated with each LAT/LON
                 element (def=NO 1)

I would suspect that the lat/lon numbers are degrees*100.

> Thank you very much for your excellent support.

No worries.

> Now, I wonder how I can
> get GOES-12 band 1 data of May 2006? Is LDM the only way to do it?

The LDM is typically used for moving real time data.  It is not the
way one accesses archival data.

If you will be satisfied with the 1-byte, 4 km res Vis images that
are sent out in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream, then you can FTP
near-realtime images from unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu:

machine:   unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu
user:      unidata3
pass:      unirec7
directory: neartime/...

Please review:


for additional details

If you need higher resolution images and/or 10-bit images, you will need
to order the data from the SSEC Data Center.  This can be done for free
for US university sites.

Please review:


for additional details, and note that you will likely need to send an email to
Dee Wade of SSEC (Dee Wade <address@hidden>


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