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[McIDAS #XGD-732939]: McIdas and LDM

Hi Ben,

I finally got a few minutes to logon to your machine and take a look at
your setup...

Everything looks to be OK _except_ that scouring was not working.  I checked
and saw that you have the needed crontab entry to run 'mcscour.sh' in the
'ldm' account, so I am a bit baffled by the scouring not working as designed.
Running 'mcscour.sh' by hand as 'ldm' worked fine, so the problem is not
in the script.  Any thoughts you might have on why cron was apparently not
running the scouring would be interesting to hear.  In the meantime, I
recommend that you keep an eye on scouring by:

<as 'mcidas'>

I modified ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh to keep 4 of each of the types of
MDXX files created by XCD and ldm-mcidas decoders.  If this number grows
greater than 5, you will know that scouring is not working.

I also see that satellite image compositing seems to be working.  Do you
agree that it is?

Finally, I added a crontab entry for 'ldm' to rotate the ldm-mcidas log
files.  If these files don't get rotated once-per-day, it will be further
proof that cron jobs for 'ldm' are not being fired off.

Please let me know if you see anything amiss that you would like me to
look into further.  Like I said, everything appears to be setup correctly.

By the way, I installed my key (id_dsa.pub) in the authorized_keys file
in the 'mcidas' account.  I did this to allow me to easily log back in
if you want me to take additional looks at your setup.  Please do not
hesitate to remove this access if you deem it inappropriate!


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