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[McIDAS #XGD-732939]: McIdas and LDM

Hi Ben,

> Thank you for your reply.

No worries.

> I went through your instructions, and I now appear to mostly be
> up and running (one thing I hadn't done before was installing/configuring
> mcidax-xcd).

I thought that might be the case.  Configuring McIDAS-X/-XCD is not hard,
but there are _unfortunately_ a number of steps.

> Most of the imagery I wanted to create is now being created from the data
. we're ingesting from the LDM.  The only problem I'm having now is when I
> try to imgdisp RTIMAGES/GEW-IRTOPO.

The GOES-East/GOES-West and GOES/Topography composites are products that
are created locally from actions kicked off after the successful ingest
of appropriate image sectors from the Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD feedtype
UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS)) datastream.  Setting up the LDM account for this
to happen is a good example of additional configurations that must be

> I noticed in the LSSERVE.BAT file that there was the following comment
> above the group of associations GEW-IRTOPO belonged to: "Image composites
> created at local site from images..."  That "created at local site" makes
> me wonder if there is something additional I need to do to get this to happen.
> Any advice for me on this one?

Here is a HOWTO for setting up the creation of the composite images:

<as 'ldm'>
-- copy the script 'batch.k' from the 'bin' directory of the ldm-mcidas
   distribution to a directory that is in the PATH of the user running
   your LDM
-- edit the copy of 'batch.k' that you made in the first step and adjust
   environment variables ** if needed ** at the beginning of the script
-- make sure that the copy of 'batch.k' has execute permissions set

<as 'mcidas'>
-- if you used the scripts 'mcxconfig' to configure McIDAS-X as per the
   instructions in the Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide, then the files
   SYSKEY.TAB, ROUTE.SYS, and SCHEMA would have been copied to the directory
   that you chose for McIDAS-XCD to write its output.  You would have
   also created the file LOCAL-NAM in the ~mcidas/data directory, and
   that file contains the McIDAS file REDIRECTions needed by McIDAS
   to locate the image files being created by LDM pqact.conf actions.

-- during the question/answer interactions while running 'mcxconfig'
   you would have been asked:

   Turn on GOES-East/West compositing in ROUTE.SYS?

   If you answered YES (the default), then appropriate entries in
   ROUTE.SYS would have been set that cause the compositing of the
   GOES-East/West and GOES/Topography images.

-- If you did answer yes in the last step, it would mean that the
   read/write permissions on SYSKEY.TAB, ROUTE.SYS (and SCHEMA) were
   not set to allow both 'mcidas' and 'ldm' to modify the files.
   If 'mcidas' and 'ldm' are both in the same group, the permissions
   should have been set correctly

So, if you did run 'mcxconfig' and answer YES for composite creation,
the only reason that compositing would not work is if:

- 'batch.k' had never been copied to a directory in 'ldm's PATH

- 'batch.k' environment variables are not correct

- the file permissions on SYSKEY.TAB and ROUTE.SYS do not allow both
  read AND write access for both 'mcidas' and 'ldm'.  Please note
  that the directory to which SYSKEY.TAB and ROUTE.SYS were copied
  also needs to be appropriately set so that both 'mcidas' and 'ldm'
  can read AND write these files

If all of the above was done, compositing should be working.

> Also, I would be very glad to have you logon to our machines and
> check out our setup.  I'm sure you'd have some great advice for a
> newbie like myself.  I've talked to IT about getting a hole poked
> in our firewall.  I'll be getting back with you on that.

Your IT folks might be hesitant about allowing general access for port
22 (for SSH) to your machine.  If this is the case, they might be
more willing to open access for a particular domain, or a single machine.
If this is the case, please ask them to open access for all machines
in the unidata.ucar.edu domain.  If they are willing to allow only a
single machine to access you machine, please have them allow

> Thanks so much for your help!

No worries.

The good news is that you are _very_ close to being completely setup!


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