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Re: [McIDAS #HYK-859440] hardware that provides 5V PCI slot in GOES ingester


As Tom mentioned, there are still a number motherboards out there
supporting 5 volt PCI.  I didn't look extensively, but they're not
very common in off-the-shelf server class systems (Dell), and have
mostly disappeared from rackmounts as has the 3.3 volt PCI slots;

Instead, we're using a Magma PCI expansion chassis found at;


Where Magma is handling the PCI-X / PCI-E / next generation interface
to PCI going forward.  When the computer system bus interface changes,
we can buy a new host interface card (for around $175) and keep the
expansion chassis and cabling.  This allows us to use a standard
platform (like a Dell rackmount) and keep up with server technology
while still using the older 5 volt PCI cards.  The plan is that this
will carry us through the lifetime of the satellites using this
technology.  The disadvantage is that the investment is upfront.


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