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[McIDAS #HYK-859440]: hardware that provides 5V PCI slot in GOES ingester

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for the tardy reply. Your message got buried in my inbox...

> Hello! How are you?

Busy, busy, busy...

> I've got a quick question for you. A while
> back we talked about how you had bought some newer hardware for your
> SDI systems that you folks have. Can you tell me more about what you
> are running your SDI cards on (that do have the right PCI card slot -
> 5 volts power, etc.)

Mike bought an external box which has 5 volt PCI slots. I am CCing
him on this reply so he can chime in with specifics of the box.

The other option is to build your own PC (or rebuild an existing one) using
a new motherboard that supports high speed processors, etc. AND has at
least one 5V PCI slot. I know that these exist since Mike and I found
one by doing some looking at motherboard manufacturers that we have used
before. Building your own PC requires a small bit of work, but it is
not hard, AND you save a lot of money.

> and what version of Solaris x86 you are running
> on them?

We are running Solaris 10 on the machine we are using to ingest GOES-10
data. It seems to run the SDI code nicely.

> Catch up with you soon!

Sounds good. I again apologize for the late reply.

> Thanks SO much!

No worries.


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