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[McIDAS #LDE-412096]: setting up mcadde account in Suse 10.1

Hi HP,

re: busy, busy, busy...

> Well, that's life, although I must say that you Unidata folks treat us
> users with an extremely turn-around :-))

We try our hardest to get back to someone as quickly as possible especially
when they are having a problem that is preventing them from working :-)

re: the mod I will need to make in 'mccomp.sh' for libncurses.a on SuSE
> Understood

One of the reasons I asked for a login to your system was so that I could
implement _and test_ any change.  I am hesitant to include code modifications
of any kind that I can not test out on a "live" machine.

re: our use of realtime Meteosat data from the EUMETSAT ADDE server
> Do not miss the sandstorms!

When we are in Ouagadougou I will show you a QuickTime (tm) movie,
created by SSEC, of the 2005 hurricane season.  This animation covers eastern
Africa, the north Atlantic, and North America.  It is a combination of sea
surface temperatures, land use classification, and water vapor imagery.  The
loop is a prime example of what one can produce with appropriate tools
(McIDAS in this case) and access to relevant data.  I will be showing
it during the conference since it is a real eye grabber!

> Vaccination is organised now.


> I think I will fly through Paris. There
> are daily evening flights by AirFrance to Ouagadougou.

The itineraries I am looking at include the same Air France
flights to Ouagadougou.  I am planning, however, to leave for
Ouagadougou on March 27.  I want to arrive early so I can try to sort
out any problems that might arise at the conference center, and to
get a better idea of what we will be facing in terms of Internet

I plan on bring 3 or 4 laptops with me -- one I use all of the time
on all of my trips.  The other 2 or 3 will include a Linux box on
which we can run the IDV, LDM, McIDAS/ADDE, and GEMPAK.  I am hoping/expecting
that you will bring your laptop and be willing to let it be used during
hands-on sessions where the conference attendees can explore data
display and visualization using the IDV, access to realtime Meteosat
data via the EUMETSAT ADDE server, and access (albeit slow) to realtime
datasets hosted on THREDDS servers in the Unidata community.  One of my
ideas is to let people experience access to realtime data to reinforce
the possibilities, and then let them play with canned, local datasets.

> More exotic
> possibilites go through Tripoli (with Swiss and then AirAfrique or
> similar). Henk and me would certainly  be interested what you found out
> about hotels.

There is a 5 star hotel that is 1 km from where the conference is to be
held (or, at least, I am told that it is 1km away).  One of the conference
organizers, Dr. Rajul Pandya, stayed there not too long ago for a THORPEX
meeting -- he said it was the nicest hotel he had ever stayed in!  I
will be investigating this and other possibilities later today and through
the weekend.

re: your arrival
> So, you can count on me from 3 April onwards.

Very good.

> Are there any docs and tentative programmes that would help me
> beforehand?

The current working version of the agenda has a couple of slots
aimed at EUMETSAT contributions on the first day.  I will be sending the
draft agenda a little later today (after a second review and phone conversation
with one of the organizers).

> Thanks in advance.

No worries.

re: where you are physically located; I thought it was northern Italy

> Not quite, it's southern Switzerland (almost like a glass half-full or
> half-empty) ;-)

Southern Switzerland/northern Italy...  I would take either!

> I have a solution for the Canadian riddle, however. The
> IP is wrong! In a hurry I copied the machine's internal IP in my small
> network. From outside the router IP is

OK, this IP makes more sense as one can do a name lookup on it:

% nslookup
Server:  laraine.unidata.ucar.edu

Name:    195-190-173-82.adsl.ticino.com

and it is appropriately registered:

% awhois

inetnum: -
netname:      TICINOCOM-WLL-TEST
descr:        Ticinocom SA
descr:        Internet Service Provider
descr:        Via Stazione 5
descr:        CH-6600 Muralto
country:      CH
admin-c:      KHF2-RIPE
tech-c:       MW2504-RIPE
status:       ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:       MNT-MWENGER1
source:       RIPE # Filtered

re: new capabilities added to the IDV

> That's really great. If I am not mistaken the idea of local archiving is
> mine.

And, it is recommendations like this that made me want to insure that you
were included in the conference first, and follow-on work later!

> It 's much easier to save data sets right from the ADDE server
> when you see an interesting case, than having to note down the details
> and re-order it later from the archive (in EUMETSAT for data policy
> reasons the archive U_MARF holds only data older than 24 hours).

Exactly.  And, for people with slow Internet connections, one can localize
the "pain and suffering" experienced while waiting for data downloads
to a single session, and then allow others to rapidly playback the
realtime "casestudy".

re: the conference will have fewer people that I first expected

> I these are excellent people, never mind! But I agree on the travel fund
> issue. Ask Henk, he is very experienced with this topic. BTW that is the
> reason why EUMETSAT sponsors people from countries below a certain OECD
> statistics level.

I am understanding the situation more clearly each day :-)

re: the weather here is nice, but I am hoping for more snow

> Over here snow is off the list below 1800m.

I am sure it is nice, but I would think that it would be nicer with lots
of snow at this time of year!


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