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[McIDAS #QZW-597177]: McIDAS problem - No SHIPBUOY data

Hi Angel,

> I updated our LDM machine to McIDAS2006 and I am no longer able to
> display/list ship buoy data using ptlist. Anything I should be looking
> at in particular?

Assuming that the ADDE server you are pointing to when running PTLIST
for RTPTSRC data is your own (either LOCAL-DATA or the fully qualified
hostname/IP for your remote ADDE server), then the most likely place
to start looking for a problem is in the McIDAS-XCD decoding.

First, two questions:

- does your comment about not being able to list/display ship/buoy data
  imply that you are able to list/display other types of POINT data
  decoded by XCD?  For instance, can you list/display data from the

- what is the result of running 'REDIRECT LIST' from a McIDAS session
  running as the user 'mcidas?

- what is the result of running 'DMAP MDXX' from a McIDAS session
  run as the user 'mcidas'?

If the answer to the first question is no, then I think that either your XCD
decoding needs to be re-setup or the file REDIRECTions that you had in place
before the upgrade were deleted or munged (file REDIRECTions are used to locate
the files decoded by XCD).  The result of the second question will tell
us if your REDIRECTions are OK or not.  The results of the third question will
tell us if XCD is attempting to decode the ship/buoy MD files.

Here is what you would do if you need to re-setup XCD:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop                  <- so the LDM is not running when you configure 

<as 'mcidas'>
mcxconfig                      <- TCL script to configure McIDAS installation
xcdconfig                      <- TCL script to configure XCD portion of the
                                  installation; must be run after mcxconfig

Follow the prompts from the scripts answering YES in various places with the
priviso that you may _not_ want to overwrite ROUTE.SYS.  The reason I say
this is that ROUTE.SYS contains actions that might have turned on in the
past.  If you overwrite the file, the state of those actions will be returned
to their default (which is off for creating GOES-East/GOES-West image composites
for example).

After re-setting up XCD, you should verify that you do not have munged (e.g.,
zero-length) MD files into which XCD will want to write.

You should also verify that your system is properly setup to scour MD files
before they get to be 10 days old.  If it is not, you will end up with
a situation where files that were created 10 days ago are being used to
write current data (until they reach their maximum size).  The result of
this would be that the data is being decoded, but simple list/display
routines would fail since the data that would be found in the beginning
of the MD files would not match the current request.

I can logon to your system to scope the problem if you like (I would need
'mcidas' and 'ldm' login info).  Please let me know your preference.


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