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20061221: map not displayed on the MAF

>From:  shivani shah <address@hidden>
>Organization:  ISRO/Ahmedabad
>Keywords:  200612220621.kBM6LkXX020309 McIDAS IMGMAKE Kalpana

Hi Shivani,

>I have the Kalpana data in raw format. I tried the following command
>to conv> ert it into McIDAS Area Format.

>IMGMAKE ivhrr_kal_d20061026_s0006.raw MY/AREAS.1 1408 1408 PROFILE=KALPANAIR

The XRD IMGMAKE utility will write the data values from the input file
to the output dataset.  In order to add navigation to the output
dataset element, you must describe the navigation using the MAKNAV= or
NFILE= keywords.  since you did not include the contents of your
profile file KALPANAIR, we have no way of knowing if it contains
navigation information.

For reference, Here are the portions of the IMGMAKE online help that
talks about MAKNAV= and NFILE=:

 * NFILe=file format <parms>| source LALO navigation file name and format
                              BINary or ASCii; see Remarks (def=X BIN)

 * MAKNAV=proj <parms> | make a navigation block based on a geographic
          projection, see Remarks (def=no projection)

The Remarks: section has additional information:

   MAKNAV= creates navigation entry for the destination image based on a
   geographic map projection. Available navigation types with associated
   parameters are:
      proj  parms
      ----  -------------------------------------------------------------
      LAMB  npl npe slat1 slat2 qlon size pole
      MERC  eql eqe slat qlon size
      PS    npl npe slat qlon size pole
      RADR  cenl cene clat clon size rot
      RECT  lin lat ele lon deglin degele
      SIN   cenl cene clat clon size
      TANC  npl npe slat qlon size
      MOLL  eql eqe qlon size
      NOAA  kepler day time tmsec orient flip
         cenl,cene - line (cenl) and element (cenl) of radar site
         clat,clon - lat (clat) and lon (clon) of radar site
         deglin,degele - degrees/line (deglin) and element (degele)
         ele,lon - image element (ele) of longitude (lon)
         eql,eqe - image line (eql) and element (eqe) of equator
         lin,lat - image line (lin) of latitude (lat)
         npl,npe - image line (npl) and element (npe) of pole
         pole - N(orth) or S(outh) pole (def=N)
         qlon - normal longitude (center)
         rot - rotation of radar picture (def=0)
         size - size of one pixel (km) at standard latitude
              - or map scale factor (ratio)
         slat - standard latitude (PS def=60, MERC def=0)
         slat1- standard latitude (LAMB def=30)
         slat2- standard latitude (LAMB def=60)
         kepler - name of 3-line Keplerian element file
         day    - nominal DAY for image
         time   - nominal TIME for image
         tmsec  - time of first line to navigate [msec from DAY]
         orient - ascending(+1)/descending(-1) pass (def=+1)
         flip   - inverted image flag (0-normal/1-flipped) (def=0)

     Use the NFILE keyword to create a LALO navigation from an input
     file which contains a latitude and longitude (west negative) for
     for each image element.
     ASCII type nav file: 1 lat/lon per text line
       NFILE= file ASC lap lal lop lol skip
              lap - latitude starting char position on a text line
              lal - latitude max char length
              lop - longitude starting char position on a text line
              lol - longitude max char length
              skip - number of text header lines to skip
     BINARY type nav file: 2x2D (lat/lon) array of 4byte floats
       NFILE= file BIN

>I command runs successfully and creates a MAF(McIDAS Area File)  which I
>am able to display. But when I give the MAP command on this image frame
>it says "MAP completed on frame 1" But no MAP is overlayed on the image.

Without navigation information MAP will not know how to draw the map

>So if somebody can guide me how to display the MAP on the MAF after
>converting the raw image to MAF.

Please check your profile file to make sure that it contains
information necessary to navigate your image.  If it does not, you must
add it.  This may or may not be possible depending on the projection of
your original image.

>Shivani Shah
>Scientist,Meteorology and Oceanography GRoup
>Space Applications Centre (ISRO)
>Ahmedabad - 380 053
>phone : (O) (02717) 236110  
>            (079) 26916110
>email : address@hidden
>        address@hidden


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