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[McIDAS #JIN-832252]: cannot get MySQL database working with GRIB data

Hi Robert,

> DMGRID did seem to work.  Unfortunately it took the MM5 and WRF and each 
> different
> resolution (there are 5 different ones) and out them all into one 2+GB file, 
> so I
> will have to work on that,  So it seems that the database method should work. 
>  Anytime
> you get between now and 16 Nov to look at the MySQL issue, just let me know 
> and I
> will test whatever you need me to test.

Hopefully, this is not too late to help you...

I _think_ I have made the modifications necessary to enable Unidata McIDAS to 
with MySQL support.  Changes were needed in several files:

- in the user's shell-specific definition file (.cshrc for C-shell, TC-shell 
  .bash_profile for BASH, SH, and Korn shell users).  Examples:

  non-Conforming shells (e.g., .cshrc)
  # McINST_ROOT and VENDOR non-conforming shell defines needed to build McIDAS
  setenv McINST_ROOT $HOME
  setenv MySQL_ROOT <toplevel directory of MySQL installation if non-standard>
  setenv VENDOR -g77
  if ( -e $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.csh ) then
    source $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.csh

  Conforming shells (e.g., .profile, .bash_profile, or .kshrc)
  # McINST_ROOT and VENDOR conforming shell defines needed to bulid McIDAS
  MySQL_ROOT=<toplevel directory of MySQL installation if non-standard>
  if [ -e $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh ]; then
    . $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh

- mcidas_env.csh/mcidas_env.sh installed in the ~mcidas/admin directory:

  Made modifications to interpret if/how the environment variable MySQL_ROOT
  was set.

- ~mcidas/mcidas2006/makefile

  Add the MYSQL macro to COMPARGS and LINK macros

- ~mcidas/mcidas2006/mccomp.sh

  Check for /usr/lib64/mysql before /usr/lib/mysql for builds on 64-bit systems
  that specify that MySQL is installed in a "standard" location (i.e., by the
  user setting MySQL_ROOT="" in his/her shell-specific definition file)

- ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src/CHANGES.2006

  Record changes made for MySQL builds

I have attached the modified files to this email (except for CHANGES.2006).  
Please do
the following to test them:

- make backup copies of all files before using the ones I am sending!!!!!

- copy mcidas_env.csh and mcidas_env.sh to ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src

- make sure that the versions of mcidas_env.csh and mcidas_env.sh in 
  reflect the new versions copied to ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src (the versions in
  ~mcidas/admin are links to those in ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src, but depending on
  how you copy/move the files to the src directory, the links could get broken

- modify your shell-specific definition file (e.g., .cshrc, etc.) to include the
  setting of MySQL_ROOT as per the examples above with the exception that
  your definition will look like:

  setenv MySQL_ROOT /opt/csw/mysql4

  (This assumes that the MySQL libraires can be found in /opt/csw/mysql4/lib
  and the MySQL include files can be found in /opt/csw/mysql4/include.)

- copy the new versions of makefile and mccomp.sh to the ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src

- clobber your existing build:

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src
  make clobber

- verify that your Unix shell has the following environment variables set:

  VENDOR=-vendor                 <- I am assuming you are using the Sun 
  MYSQL='-mysql=/opt/csw/mysql4' <- MySQL_ROOT is used to define MYSQL; MYSQL is
                                    used inside of 'makefile'

- build and install the distribution:

  make all
  make install.all

- (re)setup DMBIN filing of GRIB messages as you did before, etc.

> Thanks for your help!

No worries.  Please let me know the results of this test!


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