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[McIDAS #JIN-832252]: cannot get MySQL database working with GRIB data

Hi Robert,

> Can you give me an example of how to use gribdec in a pqact entry?

I would (quickly as it is the lunch break in my McIDAS training workshop):

- take the mcrun.sh script included in the Unidata McIDAS-X distribution
  and copy it to a differently named file in a directory in 'ldm's PATH

- edit your copy of mcrun.sh and add writing of the GRIB message in question
  to a unique disk file

- still in your copy of mcrun.sh setup invocation of gribdec.k to decode
  the file written in step #2

I would create a different script for the WRF and MM5 versions of AMPS so
that you can keep your output in different output GRID files.

> "Seems to me that the AMPS guys should be made aware of this situation.  One
> quick "solution" for McIDAS DMGRID processing would be to set the model ID
> for the MM5 version to be 255 (or 254), and the WRF version to be 254 (or 
> 255).
> One could then create appropriate RTMODELS.CFG entries to decode the output
> into different GRID file number ranges."
> Thanks for looking into the MySQL issue.

No worries.  The change to the McIDAS makefile should be simple, but I havn't 
that yet.

> I don't understand how I would set the model ID..or do you mean the AMPS folks
> would set the model ID?

It seems to me that the AMPS folks should change the GRIB messages being created
by WRF to be distinct from those created by MM5.  They may already do this by
use of a different GRIB value (modeling subcenter), so they may not be keen to
change.  The accepted formalism in RTMODELS.CFG does not, however, understand
anything "finer" than model ID, so a model subcenter would not be usable.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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