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[Platforms #LDJ-461100]: Fedora Core 6 update

Hi Gilbert,

re: I upgrade to FC6
> Cool! I assume LDM works without a hitch. But...

I've built LDM-6.4.6 on my machie, but havn't ingesting data yet. From what
I see the FC6 environment is not much, if any, different than FC5, so I am
not expecting any problems.  But you never know...

re: gfortran is NOT ready for primetime yet

> Ouch. Do you know why?

I think that work is needed in how it parces source code.

> What is its progress?

I am not exactly sure what you mean.  A LOT of McIDAS works with no problems.
A simple GRDLIST listing failed with a runtime error citing the line of a
format statment in grdlist.pgm.  Since there is nothing weird with the
line in question, I am assuming that the problem lies in gfortran.

> Will McIDAS still work fine using the f77 compilers?

Yup, I did a yum installations of the gcc compatibility code (forget the
exact yum command line at the moment), and it installed g77.  I rebuilt
McIDAS using gcc/g77 and everything so far is working without problem.

> Are there bug reports for these?

I don't know.  Since I have been preparing for my McIDAS workshop (starts
Monday morning), I have not had any time to find out if what I saw
is a known deficiency.


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